Fantastic Container House, Design Inspired by Creative Thinking

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creative house exterior painting ideas

Striped house exterior


Homebuilders create contemporary homes with containers that are durable and budget-friendly. The modern houses made with shipping containers look contemporary and innovative, offering unique, affordable, and comfortable residences. First-time homebuilders Zack and Brie Smithey triumphed against the odds to create a metal masterpiece of the container home, bringing them a mortgage-free life.

A different perspective leads to innovative solutions. The Smitheys tackled their project differently, took on almost all of the work themselves, from the design to construction. If you love inventing things and figuring things out, this modern house is a true inspiration for you. Experimenting with unconventional materials is exciting and rewarding. Eight shipping containers turn into a contemporary home with nine-foot ceilings. The non-traditional building material opened up the door to creativity.

Shipping container house, innovative contemporary house designs

Spectacular cargo container house design in Australia

Affordable contemporary homes, container house designs

Cargo container house design

Shipping container house design

The couple added bricks salvaged from a 120-year-old house to beautify the house exterior. The home features salvaged wood windows from a church. Mounted upside-down windows give a unique look to the house’s exterior design—3,100 square feet of new living spaces spread across three levels.

Cargo container house with bright and modern interiors

Contemporary design ideas turning cargo containers into modern homes

Cargo container house design with spacious and bright living spaces

Architectural features

Striped house exterior and driveway

Its graphic facade enhances the metal and brick design appeal while painting hid the mismatch of the materials. The upside-down windows were mirrored in the paintwork, while the stripes extend down the driveway as though they are melting and floating off the exterior wall.  Eye-catching white and navy stripes dominate the main entrance and add a playful charm to the staircase design.

Artistic container house design featuring colorful accents

Modular cargo container house in eco style

Blue container house showing off the latest trends in affordable architectural designs

Airy, open-plan living spaces feature salvaged wood for floors covered with a water-based epoxy. The couple used a putty knife to impart character and give the boards a weathered look. Drywall and swathes of exposed containers’ corrugated skin create an appealing combination. The metal and brick exterior is coated with closed-cell spray foam insulation to create a vapor barrier and regulate the internal temperature. An energy-efficient heat pump, floor vents, and ductless mini-split air-conditioning units make the house feel comfortable all year around.

Staircase painting idea

Interior design

The artistic living spaces show creativity and original works. Custom kitchen design features open shelving and a large breakfast island. The couple built a walk-in pantry to store food and kitchenware out of sight, keeping the kitchen surfaces uncluttered and open.

Modern table made from a water fountain, bar furniture design idea

The majority of the interior is furnished with upcycled materials. A six-foot-wide fountain bowl from a local landscaping shop turns into a party centerpiece showing how the couple sees objects not as they are but for what they could be. As an elevated home bar table, the fountain shows its potential as an original home furnishing to the fullest.

Unique staircase design, salvaged wood

Salvaged wood

Reclaimed wood windows, integrated into the modern interior design, give this house a sense of life. 100-year-old church windows act as a room divider between the open-plan living space and a cozy sitting area. Salvaged wood staircase adds a magnificent detail to create architectural designs. An old clawfoot from a bathtub connects the railing to the support post, while salvaged lanterns top each post.

Floating bed, contemporary design featuring the inclined bed headboard

Floating bed

The spacious master bedroom features a fabulous floating bed with an inclined at a 45-degree angle headboard. Anchored to the wall and floor, the bed design defies gravity, cantilevering out above the wooden floor.

Recycling ideas, bathroom design

Creative recycling

The vanity in the master bathroom is suspended on chains from an old combine harvester. The basins comprise two salvaged birdbaths. The broken mirror is reassembled on the wall to span the sink unit with a piece of painted wood slotted into the middle to elongate it.

Functional and attractive backyard landscaping ideas

Backyard ideas

The patio is nestled on the slope of the hill. Ideal for alfresco entertaining, the stylish Tiki bar is built from salvaged wood and steel left after building the container home. The plan includes building a bridge connecting the top of the hill with the rooftop.

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