Modular Cargo Container Houses in Eco Style

3d design of empty container house

Cargo container houses in eco style, 3d design


Mobile house recycling a cargo container is envisioned by G-pod Designs architectural firm. This small house offers contemporary living spaces, a deck with a sun shelter and allow to transform the house design in accordance with the needs, home location and climate. Lushome presents this inspiring cargo container house design idea that blends the flexibility, comfort and affordable price into a nice contemporary home.

The new design idea is another way to recycle cargo containers and create affordable and functional small mobile home that can be used as a temporarily retreat, cottage, summer cabin or town house. This is the conceptual design of contemporary mobile eco homes, called Dwell.

The transformer house design allows to personalize living spaces, change building elements and create truly personal home. Spacious living spaces, simplicity and Green design add appeal to the cargo container house appeal. Dwell features photovoltaic cells, rainwater harvesting system, bio-toilet and solar batteries, accumulating enough energy to keep the eco home warm for more than three days without the sun.

Cargo container house design with bright and modern interiors in contemporary style

Mobile cargo container house design

Cargo container houses in eco style, 3d design

Small bathroom and kitchen design creates functional and contemporary spaces with all a person need for simple and comfortable life. The architects proposed to use Dwell as a small country house, motel unit, cottage or temporary shelter for victims of natural disasters.

Space saving interior design of the mobile home allows people to perform all tasks. The modular structural elements allow to transform the house design for living in hot deserts, snow-covered mountain terrain, in wilderness or in a town.

3d interior design, eco friendly container houses

Transformer design ideas help create comfortable homes anywhere and make the mobile eco homes suitable for a particular climate by adding insulation, heating or air conditioning systems and windows. Dwell can cost around $ 50,000.

Empty container house, cheap ideas for durable modern house designs

Blue cargo container house design

Modular mobile house, ed interior design

  by Ena Russ   

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