Cargo Container House Design Features Bright Home Interiors in Contemporary style

white decorating ideas and colorful accents


Cargo container house design is a hot topic. Recycling empty containers for houses is one of the ways to create modern and inexpensive homes today. Cargo container house design is a green way to reuse and recycle empty containers and create comfortable homes in contemporary style.

Cargo containers house design is cheap, sustainable and eco friendly. It blends recycled materials with creative and modern ideas to reuse and recycle, turning useless empty containers into house that are efficient, functional and comfortable.

This modern house in contemporary style offer bright and stylish home interiors that look so attractive that it is hard to believe that they are built of empty cargo containers. The WFH House is located in China, and designed by architectural studio Arcgency in Copenhagen.

Modern house design of cargo containers

Built of three cargo containers house in contemporary style

WFH house design combines three shipping containers. The modern house is surrounded by green and lush vegetation, creating a pleasant background and peaceful setting for country lifestyle. The modern house is designed to produce more energy than it consumes, using upcycled shipping containers as a steel frame, a sustainable bamboo facade, a rainwater collection system, solar cell-clad green roof and permeable paving.

The main floor offers one open living space that includes the kitchen with a dining area and living room design. White decorating unite these functional zones into gorgeous, functional and modern interior design, seamlessly merging them into one open living space in minimalistic style.

Main floor, modern interior design in minimalist style and white decorating idea spiced up with bright accents
The second floor, white decorating like in Scandinavian homes

Modern interior design ideas blend white decorating with colorful accents and fill living spaces with energy and light. Colorful decor accessories make beautiful accents and create comfortable and pleasant rooms.

Blue cargo container house Case El Tiambo

Empty container house design, cheap and durable modern houses

White decorating and spaciousness add Nordic vibe to modern interior design in contemporary style. Aity and light home interiors are inviting, simple and elegant.

Modern interior design in minimalist style

Modern house exterior design features bamboo walls, large windows and glass doors

Modern house exterior design features green roof, bamboo walls, large windows and folding glass doors

  by Ena Russ   

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