Contemporary Lighting Design Idea Inspired by Blooming Flowers

contemporary lighting fixtures that look like flowers

Unique lighting design with moving flower petals


This contemporary lighting design idea is inspired by tender petals of blooming flowers. The modern lighting fixtures open and close petals, creating an amazing effect of fantastic flowers. Lushome presents Studio DRIFT kinetic lighting design by Shylight.

These lamps resemble living flowers which are always spectacular and mysterious. Hanging from the ceiling, the lights delight with their beautiful details, flower petals that move creating various lighting design.

Living flowers open and close their petals for the conservation of energy. The lighting design idea inspired by the nature allows to save energy while adding stunning accents to modern interiors.These lighting fixtures create a spectacular dance, surprising and charming.

Amazing crafted lighting fixtures inspired by flowers

Blooming table lamps, unique lighting design idea

Unique lighting fixtures with moving petals

Contemporary lighting fixtures inspired by flowers

Unique lighting fixtures laser cut from wood

Modern lighting fixtures in creative shapes, unique lighting design in Scandinavian style

Unique lighting design with moving flower petals

  by Ena Russ   


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