Christmas Decoration Ideas, Nordic Design Inspirations for Eco Friendly Christmas Decor

white snowflakes and balls for christmas decoration

Scandinavian Christmas decorations, white snowflakes and snowballs

Scandinavian Christmas decoration ideas are peaceful and tranquil. Scandinavian designs in white, blue and neutral colors and interior decorating ideas for Advent and Christmas time are inspired by nature and the simplicity of country home style.

Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish Christmas decoration ideas are famous all over the world for natural light colors, practical simplicity and extraordinary elegance of Nordic design. Christmas decoration ideas reflect old Nordic traditions, creating unique Scandinavian designs that emphasize the beauty of winter season.

Swedish, Danish or Finish Nordic design looks harmonious with cold and snow outside. Norwegian Nordic design ideas celebrate contrasts, using warm materials for creating comfortable interior decorating in harsh climate.

Scandinavian Christmas home decoration ideas

Handmade Christmas decorations, white snowflakes and snowballs

Scandinavian Christmas decoration is charming and calm. light and quiet. Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish Nordic design is influenced by country home style, so people in Northern countries use antique and retro ornaments, handmade home decorations and country style music to spice up Christmas home decoration.

Scandinavian Christmas decoration ideas are not about shine and luxury, created for winter holidays.  Scandinavian designs are relaxing and natural, perfect for eco friendly Christmas decor in light calming colors.

Christmas decor in Scandinavian style, silver pine cones and rustic wood with large candles

Natural colors and interior decorating materials, simple and elegant Nordic design ideas and striking bright accents in red, dark blue, purple or green help create Scandinavian Christmas home decoration.

Eco Christmas decorating with burlap and sisal twine

Natural decorating materials, combined with bright colorful accents and light room colors, look simple, but interesting and attractive. Scandinavian designs are inspiring and offer great new ideas for those who appreciate calming and cozy Christmas decoration in eco style.

Living room decorating for Christmas, white Scandinavian designs

Scandinavian Christmas decorating is a creative reflection of beautiful Nordic landscapes and simple joy. Scandinavian designs look organic and in harmony with surroundings. Scandinavian Christmas decorations for backyard and home interiors are important parts of organic design and building the connection with nature.

Eco friendly Christmas decor, recycled and edible Christmas decorations

Handmade Christmas decorations and candles play a special role in Scandinavian Christmas home decorating. Simple, natural and unscented, candles bring warmth and glow into Scandinavian homes. Large candles and beautiful lanterns or glass candle holders can decorate a fireplace and windows or create gorgeous Christmas table centerpieces.

Soft Scandinavia designs in white color for Christmas home decoration, faux fur and feathers

Hanging Christmas decorations are very popular also. Stars and flowers, snowflakes and Christmas balls, small wreaths and Christmas ornaments, made of glass, metal, wood or paper create beautiful Christmas decor in Scandinavian style.

11 modern Christmas decor trends

Handmade Christmas decorations, especially soft knitted items in white, blue or neutral colors add charming flavor of northern country home style to Scandinavian Christmas decor.

Christmas colors

All shades of white, blue and neutral colors, inspired by winter snow and Scandinavian skies, are main interior decorating colors that create light, bright and airy Christmas decor in Scandinavian style.

Golden blue Christmas decoration ideas, modern Christmas decor

All shades of white, blue and neutral colors celebrate Scandinavian nature.  Shades of white color symbolize the purity and newness in Western cultures and are perfect for Christmas home decoration. White feathers and light snowflakes made of faux fur, soft decorative cushions and throw blankets in white, gray and blue colors are modern Christmas decor accents that feel relaxing and peaceful.

Handmade Christmas decorations

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