15 Space Saving Ideas for Modern Living Rooms, 10 Tricks To Maximize Small Spaces

compact furniture and modern ideas for decorating small apartments and homes
Large wall mirrors for light small living room designs


Small living rooms can be very comfortable and beautiful. Functional interior design, right furniture and decor accessories, bright lighting fixtures, light living room colors, and space saving ideas create bright, stylish, and welcoming rooms. Lushome collection of small living room designs shows how to maximize small spaces.

Small room designs can feel charming and cozy. Tiny living rooms can be organized and furnished to look spacious and airy. Here are space saving ideas and interior design inspirations which will help you to create beautiful and modern living room design in your small space. Beautiful, inviting, and comfortable rooms will make you feel proud of your design and decorating projects.

Good storage organization, light room colors, small furniture, and space saving layout plans turn small interiors into attractive and functional living rooms. These are elements that add coziness to small room design and give a contemporary vibe to small spaces. Lushome provides useful home staging tips, shares tricks, and space saving ideas for increasing small living rooms visually.

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Decorating with purple colors, beautiful living room color schemes

Modern living rooms in warm colors, decorating ideas for fall and winter

Small living room designs

Black and white decorating with red color accents, small living room design

When it comes to design and decorating small spaces, a variety of mistake-proven techniques, home staging tips, and modern ideas come together to adjust small rooms to an individual lifestyle. Home staging helps maximize small spaces for ultimate comfort and add a stylish look to beautiful, modern living rooms.

Black and white decorating, small living room

Space saving ideas for small rooms

1. Change bulky living room furniture items for small and functional pieces. A large sofa looks great with little chairs in a different style, creating an original design and maximizing space in small living rooms.

Compact furniture, modern chairs, and round top coffee table

2. Corner furniture, cabinets, corner sofas and shelving units maximize valuable small spaces also. These furniture items are practical, modern solutions for small, but stylish living rooms.

Corner furniture placement idea for small rooms

3. Ottomans and poufs are fantastic alternatives to traditional seats. They provide additional seats and footrests. Practical ottomans and poufs are fabulous items for space saving in small rooms.

Functional ottomans and poufs for small living room decorating

4. Transformer furniture is one of the best design ideas for small spaces. Also, built-in storage shelves and drawers improve traditional living room designs and offer a great organizing solution for small living rooms.

Creative furniture, wooden coffee table with metal frame, storage and pulled up table top

5. Space saving furniture, handmade, simple, customized furniture in small sizes take little space without compromising functional design. Rectangular geometric shapes maximize small spaces while bringing stylish furnishings into modern interior design.

Narrow side table made with wood top and metal legs, space saving for small living room designs

Modern ideas for maximizing space in small living rooms

1. Use furniture with simple lines, transparent and glass top coffee tables for small room design and decorating.

Small living room design with open furniture, simple lines, white decorating ideas with bright color accents in red and pink

2. Select living room furniture and decor accessories in light pastels or neutral colors.

Small living room design in light neutral colors and blue color pastels

3. Emphasizing vertical lines in small rooms helps increase the space visually and balance interior design.

Small living room design with window curtains in light neutral color

4. Good lighting stretches small interiors and adds an airy, fresh look to small living rooms.

Efficient lighting design to increase small rooms visually

5. Decluttering, space-saving storage organization and regular cleaning are three elements that keep small living rooms looking great, functional, comfortable, light, neat, and spacious.

Corner shelves maximize small spaces and create balanced and beautiful living room designs

6. Adding warm textures brings coziness into small spaces and create incredible effects of comfort and coziness that enhance modern living room designs.

Adding texture make white decorating ideas look more attractive and beautiful

7. Giving a touch of warm color to room decorating in light pastels creates beautiful combinations of modern interior colors and make even tiny spaces feel warm, cozy, and pleasant.

Modern living room design in neutral colors with warm orange color accents, sofa pillows

8. Use geometric patterns, like stripes, waves, diamonds, checks, and zigzags that help stretch small spaces visually. Long patterns and lines make small rooms look bigger and add stylish details to living room designs.

Geometric decoration patterns add interest and harmonize proportions of small spaces

9. Posters and picture frames in dark colors create beautiful contrasts with light room colors. Contrasting colors stylishly accentuate interior decorating, bringing more interest into small spaces.

Posters and pictures frames in black color create beautiful black and white decorating for small rooms

10. Large wall mirrors reflect more natural and artificial light into small rooms and create a bright, spacious effect in small rooms.

Large wall mirrors to brighten up small living room design

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