12 Unique Furniture Design Ideas, Seats, Chairs and Benches

brush wooden bench

Here is a collection of the most unusual furniture design ideas, blending functionality with a unique twist threaded throughout their shapes and material combinations. Unique furniture design is not about creating something unexpected. It is about experiments, fun and inspirations.

Unique furniture design ideas are amusing and amazing. Unusual furniture design provides great inspirations for do-it-yourself projects and adding unique details to outdoor living spaces and home interiors, highlighting fun-loving personality and creativity.

Unique furniture design is about emotions and experience. Creating unusual furniture, especially seats, chairs and benches transforms  the environment and brings the attention to detail. Focusing on the details and material combinations make innovative furniture pieces look extra ordinary.

Unusual chairs and benches

Cloth pin wooden bench, unique furniture design idea

A bit of difference is excellent for all people, kids and adults. Unique furniture design, especially unusual and interesting seats, bring a surprising details into home decor and add fun to outdoor rooms and public spaces.

Here are interesting contemporary seats, chairs and benches that are amazingly different and innovative.

Music notes inspired red and black chairs with high back, contemporary furniture for unique interior decorating

Unique furniture design ideas

10 unique furniture design ideas inspired by nature

Colorful handmade felt furniture design turns wool into unusual seats

Table and two chairs atop angled roof, unique furniture design idea

Bomb inspired pink chair in round shape with metal spikes

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 11.01.2013