11 Home Staging Tips and Lighting Ideas for Brighter Rooms

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Modern and effective lighting ideas create attractive, comfortable and inviting rooms. 11 simple home staging tips will help design brighter rooms for you and your family. Your home will be transformed dramatically and turned into a stylish and pleasant place, that you can enjoy yourself or sell for good money.

1 Apply home staging and decorating ideas for creating more spacious and clutter free rooms. Make sure furniture and small home furnishings do not block windows and home lighting fixtures.

2 The highest wattage bulbs that are allowed for your lighting fixtures will provide the maximum brightness and visual comfort. (11 home staging tips for stretching small spaces with lights)

3 Modern lighting fixtures with daylight bulbs will bring similar to natural, bluish light into your home, creating better mood and making rooms look more spacious.

4 Functional and comfortable modern lighting fixtures with LED lights create stylish and cozy room decor, saving energy and your money. Use attractive and efficient wall lighting fixtures with LED lights for eco friendly home decorating.

5 Use mirrors and home accessories, made of glass, crystals, metal or shiny materials, that reflect light from windows and lighting fixtures back into the room, creating brighter and airier rooms.

6 Choose ceiling and wall lighting fixtures with metal or glass parts, modern chandeliers and sconces with crystals or glass balls and beads to maximize the brightness.

7 Select wall lighting fixtures with few lights instead of single bulb sconces.

8 Make sure you add two-three task lighting fixtures to general lighting design.

9 Arrange home lighting fixtures in a triangular configuration to spread light evenly and create brighter environment.

10 Contemporary floor lamps, combined with two wall lighting fixtures or table lamps with white lamp shades make a classy and effective lighting arrangement for creating a pleasant optical illusion of brighter and bigger rooms.

Select sheer fabric, white colored or off-white table lamp shades that provide maximum light to shine through out. Colorful shades, especially lamp shades in darker colors, do not reflect a lot of light, and it results in wasting electrical energy and money.

11 New modern lighting fixtures are perfect for a quick rooms transformation. Modern lighting fixtures add style,  making rooms more beautiful, bright and comfortable.

Modern chandeliers and pendant lighting design trends

Modern chandeliers, interior design trends
Pendant lighting fixtures, interior design trends

Modern wall lights, floor and table lamps

Wall lights and table lamps, 6 modern design trends
Contemporary floor lamps, torchiers for modern homes

Money saving tip

Before buying new home lighting fixtures, figure out what style, design and colors you need. Look at your lighting fixtures and decide if you can to redecorate them and use in different rooms, saving money.

Expand your knowledge of modern lighting fixtures styles and design trends. Keep notes and collect photos of your favorite lighting fixtures. Pictures can be inspirational.

If you do not sell your property, allow your creativity to flow into terrific modern lighting ideas for home decorating with lights. Your creative interpretation of latest design trends and lighting fixtures on pictures will give your home individuality and help design brighter rooms.

Creative lighting ideas

Dresses for lights, a la mode lighting design
Paper lanterns, Sakura flower lamps

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