10 Modern Lighting Fixtures, Designer Lights Inspired by Clouds

modern lighting fixtures inspired by clouds

Cloud Lamp, unique lighting fixtures with thunder sound and lightning effect


Unique lighting fixtures, inspired by clouds, create unusual atmosphere and add spectacular lighting design to modern interiors. Designer lights in the form of clouds bring interest into modern interior design and create a natural feel. Lushome presents 10 designer lights that offer great inspirations for decorating modern interiors with unusual and unique lighting fixtures.

The Cloud Lamps remind of warm summer showers. These modern lighting fixtures are a creative blend of contemporary technology, functionality and familiar shapes. The lighting fixtures create a thunderstorm sound that enhance the effect of the Cloud Lamp.

Richard Clarkson Studio created the unique lighting fixtures that react to movements and sounds, produces lightning flashes and thunder sounds. The Cloud Lamps made ​​of synthetic fibers and cotton. The modern lighting fixtures feature the look, texture and shapes of sky clouds.

Inspiring designer lights bringing bright color into modern interiors

Cloud Lamps

Cloud Lamp, unique lighting fixtures with thunder sound and lightning effect

The unique lighting fixtures have LED lights, motion sensors, microphones and a powerful speaker system which allows to add music to room decorating via Bluetooth. A remote control sets different modes of the designer lights, – from a storm cloud to many different combinations of sounds and music.

The Cloud Lamp creates unusual sensations with sounds and lightning, can improve mood and help relax, while adding a spectacular decorative accents to modern interior design and decor.

Cloud Lamp, modern lighting fixture bringing contemporary technology into homes

Scrunchy Lights

Scrunchy Lights are modern lighting fixtures that radiate style and lightness. The Nevo Collection by Arturo Alvarez offers modern lighting fixtures in all configurations, from floor lamps and table lamps to wall lamps and hanging lamps. The designer lights come in many different colors to match perfectly existing interior design and decor.

20 unique lighting fixtures, designer lights for modern interiors

Dresses for lights, creative lighting design ideas

The sculptural lighting design is intriguing. One moment the lamps look like huge flowers, the next moment they turn into light clouds and abstract forms. The modern lighting fixtures look wonderful in pairs, in larger groups or individually, creating different effects that your are looking for.

Scrunchy Light, designer lights for modern interiors

The white lamps add amazing shapes of clouds to modern interior design. The colorful lighting fixtures bring bold accents into rooms and help create a bright environment. Made from silicon and stainless steel, the designer lights feature translucent fabrics that make them feel weightless, playful and very attractive.

5 creative lighting design ideas, designers lights for modern interiors

Eye catching table lamps, contemporary lighting ideas

These modern lighting fixtures are elegant, creative and versatile, suitable for any interior design and decor style. The simplicity, functionality and familiar shapes make the designer lights wonderful for any room decorating.

Unique lighting fixtures inspired by clouds

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