Modern Interior Design with Decorative Pilasters Adding Classic Chic to Spectacular Spaces

modern wall design ideas and home interiors in classic style

Pilasters are rectangular columns projecting from a wall. Pilaster are very decorative and elegant elements of modern interior design in classic style. The decorative columns provide aesthetic value and give unique look to interior design. Lushome collection of modern interior design ideas demonstrates how pilasters beautify, enhances and embellish living spaces, adding classic chic to traditional and contemporary living spaces.

Decorative columns look pretty on exterior walls and in interior design. Pilasters are suitable for a variety of applications, offering a few stylish possibilities to adore walls and accentuate interior design by adding unique details in classic style. Decorative and functional, pilasters make a strong statement and set an elegant mood in a room.

Smaller versions of the classical columns are suitable for all rooms and interior design styles, especially for eclectic interiors, while larger columns look great in spacious modern interiors in classic style supporting elegant arches, emphasizing staircase designs and decorating fireplaces.

Luxury apartment ideas spiced up with classic columns

Modern interior design with pilasters

Wall shelves and pilasters, modern interior design ideas in classic style

Fireplaces with pilasters create spectacular  focal points in living spaces. Fireplace pilasters look great in living rooms and cozy kitchens, adding stunning details to wall design. Incorporating decorative columns is a highly appealing way to personalize rooms.

Using pilasters in small rooms can help stretch space, offering a practical way to introduce decorative columns into modern interior design without sacrificing space in small rooms.

Classic interior design and decorating ideas

Pilasters can decorate room dividers and wall partitions. Pilasters are a wonderful way to divide living spaces, adding beautiful accents to contemporary open spaces and interior design in  classic style. Decorative columns projecting from a wall can be used as beautiful decorations to mark the entrance to kitchens, dining rooms, and living areas.

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Elastic net lamps with LED lights adding decorative columns to modern interior design

Modern interior design ideas are about comfort and functionality, and pilasters can be used as details emphasizing artworks and collections. Wall shelves with collectibles, antique and modern paintings or sculptures can be surrounded by decorative columns, which will draw attention to displays and artworks.

Modern wall design with pilasters in classic style

Entryways ideas and staircase designs feel more beautiful with pilasters. The decorative columns can adorn front doors and decorate walls, giving an elegant look to living spaces.

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Room dividers and partition walls creating functional and modern interior design

Modern interior design in eclectic style can incorporate pilasters into interesting room decor. Pilasters can bring unique textures, decorative ornaments and accent color into eclectic interiors, creating stunning contrasts for a beautiful fusion of styles and modern ideas in interior design.

Modern interior design in eclectic style, fireplace decoration with pilasters

Partition wall design with pilasters

Modern room dividers and partition walls with pilasters in classic style


  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 28.09.2015


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