35 Modern Interior Design Ideas Incorporating Columns into Spacious Room Design

modern home interiors with functional and decorative columns and pillars



Columns are architectural elements that can be functional or just decorative. Incorporating columns into modern interior design is one of the best ways to make rooms and outdoor living spaces look more appealing and interesting. Columns bring a classic feel into modern homes. They are elegant and versatile elements that come in various styles, sizes and materials, and can be used for decorating any living space and creating customizes, more spacious and bright homes.

Columns support the weight of the structure above them and transmit the load to the floor. Structural square columns provide main support for the rest of architectural interiors elements. Decorated square columns and round pillars add stunning accents to modern interior design and enhance home interiors by bringing visually appealing elements into living spaces.

Stylish square columns and pillars areĀ  very decorative pieces that transform room design with timeless charm. These architectural elements can support as arch on your doorway or decorate the wall. Porch columns provide additional support to the roof and also add decorative accents to house exterior design.

Modern interior design with columns and pillars

Modern living room design with round columns painted white

Round and square columns have three parts. The cap or capital is wider than the pillar and come in various design styles. Doric or Tuscan caps are great for simple interior design. Corinthian caps are wonderful for luxurious and impressive interior design.

Round pillars come in plain or fluted designs. Stone or hardwood columns can have gorgeous carvings on them and can be combined with Tuscan and Doric bases to complete beautiful columns and enrich modern interior design with these unique architectural elements.

Contemporary interior design with square columns in black color

Classic columns are made of granite and marble, precious metals and carved wood, adding ancient charm to modern interior design and decor. Modern columns and pillars can be also made of treated wood, fiberglass and PVC, which are cheaper than traditional materials. Decorative columns made of cheap materials are very attractive and offer fabulous styles, suitable for simple interior design and decor in minimalist style, classic and luxurious home interiors and relaxing rooms in a country home.

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Hardwood, stone and marble work well for supporting heavy weight. Fiberglass and PVC are lightweight materials, better to use for decorative purposes. Find pillars that are easy to install and paint, and add chic details to your modern interior design with the addition of these architectural elements.

Incorporating concrete columns into modern interior design

Adding features like architectural columns is a wonderful idea that help create elegant and rich home interiors and outdoor rooms. Square columns and round pillars can entirely change your front porch, add strength and solidity to house exterior structure. Columns and pillars help create spacious interior design and decorate modern rooms in unique and creative ways, enhancing modern interior design with custom-made look.

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Columns make a strong statement, creating striking focal points for your interior design and adding originality to rooms and outdoor living spaces.Both round and square columns are available in traditional and composite materials offering gorgeous styles that enrich living spaces with textures and eye-catching shapes. Select the column type that will benefit your home. Egyptians, Roman and Greeks created fascinating designs that you can use for your home decoration. Tuscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, and Roma are fabulous architectural elements that beautify interior design and create one-of-a-kind outdoor living spaces.

Decorative columns for walls
Customizing interior design with classy square columns
Adding artistic touches to modern interior design with draped with fabric columns

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