Modern Eco Homes with Green Roof Designs and Rooftop Gardens

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green buildings, modern houses with green roofs

Stone House design with Green rooftop

A green roof design is eco friendly, unusual, modern and attractive. Green rooftops have been built for centuries in many countries in the world. Many farm houses and sheds in Scandinavia have sod covered roofs, and modern eco homes feature rooftop gardens that add charm to these Green buildings with eco friendly roof designs.

A green rooftop garden is a roof that has vegetation. Green rooftop garden designs cost more than standard asphalt shingle roofing, but they are unusual, interesting and eco friendly. Rooftop garden designs vary in styles and sizes, but they define a wonderful trend in building eco homes.

Green rooftop garden designs may require additional support, as a green roof weighs more than a traditional asphalt roofing. A roof that has clay or concrete roofing material can be strong enough to support a heavier roof with a container garden and growing vegetation.

Green roof, sustainable architecture and rooftop gardens

Green roof design and rooftop garden improve modern house design in many ways

Green rooftop designs for modern eco homes

2 Bar House design, Green rooftop design idea

Green rooftop gardens cost more to install. Maintenance is costly, and some Green rooftop designs require access for maintenance which increase the cost. A Green roof with plants is exposed to the seasons just like a garden or lawn, so it does not stay green all year around.

A Green roof reduces heating and cooling costs, creating more comfortable and eco friendly homes. Green rooftop gardens make great insulation, improving modern house designs. Green rooftop gardens attract insects and other forms of animals, creating more pleasant environment for people.

2 Bar House design, home interiors
2 Bar House design, modern kitchen and dining area
2 Bar House design, modern eco homes

Green rooftop gardens help control water runoff and clean up the water that does fall to the ground. Green roof designs may reduce replacement roofing material costs, as the growing plants protect the roof from harmful sun rays.

Roof top garden design turns helicopter landing into spectacular Green place

Green building, Green wall and rooftop garden for modern eco homes

Green rooftop gardens make roof designs very heavy. An extensive Green roof, which does not require as much maintenance, needs yearly weeding. An intensive Green roof design, which is heavier that an extensive Green roof, requires more labor and money for maintenance.

Malbaie V Residence, modern house design with Green rooftop

Green rooftop gardens require irrigation and feeding, but they create park-like setting and add charming architectural details to modern eco homes. An eco roof is a contemporary structure that can be created by modifying an existing roof design. Green rooftop gardens, as other sustainable design projects, require thoughtful planning that help create beautiful, more comfortable and inviting modern eco homes.

OUTrial House design with Green roofs and staircases

Mc Leod Residence, eco home with Green roof design

North Bay Residence with Green rooftop garden

Vila Ronde in Japan, Green rooftop design

Meera House design with Green rooftops

Modern House in Caledon with Green rooftops

Stone House design with Green rooftop

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