Cardboard Beds Offering Simple and Light Furniture Design for Contemporary Nomads

sit beds and storage system recycling paper for cardboard furniture

Bedroom furniture made of cardboard, eco friendly products for bedroom design

Cardboard furniture designs brings an eco friendly alternative for beds. Made of cardboard beds are Green, light and functional. These unique furniture design ideas are perfect for contemporary nomads, who change homes often, and the DIY cardboard beds are great for kids room decorating also. Lushome presents these unique furniture design ideas by Karton Group recycling paper for home furnishings.

Cardboard beds and storage systems started to compete with wood, metal or plastic materials for interior design and decorating. Corrugated cardboard is a durable and reco friendly material used for light, functional and portable room furniture production. Designed for regular loads, cardboard beds and storage systems can help create rooms anywhere people want.

Cardboard furniture design ideas are surprising and interesting. Cardboard beds and cabinets, desks and storage systems are functional and simple, offering eco friendly products for flexible interior design and cheap ideas for easy to change home decorating.

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Cardboard beds

DIY cardboard bed and storage furniture

Corrugated cardboard is used for packaging containers because it is light, cheap and strong. Recycling paper is another good reason to switch to eco friendly products made of cardboard.

Corrugated cardboard is usually composed of three layers which make the material rigid, impact resistance, and some moisture resistant. There are different brands and types of cardboard materials, depending on the number of layers, layer profile, quality and price.

Bedroom furniture made of cardboard, eco friendly products for bedroom design

Cardboard beds are great alternatives for traditional modern furniture pieces made of wood, metal and plastic. The advantages are lightweight and portable design, eco friendly material and ease to assemble. Cardboard beds, storage systems, desks and chairs come in small boxes and bring eco friendly products for simple and functional interior design.

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Typically, cardboard beds are assembled without glue through the slits and recesses, as a puzzle. Some of the most interesting cardboard beds can be DIY projects, which cost nothing if people are brave enough to design cardboard furniture themselves.

Unique furniture design in eco style, cardboard bedroom furniture, beds and storage systems

Cardboard bed frame

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  last updated: 24.10.2016