Unique Lighting Design Concept Presents Modern Lamp Shades Unfolding like Books

unfolding book lamp

Glowing book lamp, unique lighting design concept


Unique lighting design idea from Max Gunawan is innovative and unusual lamp shades that unfold like books. The contemporary lighting fixtures are inspired by hardcover books and look like closed or opened glowing books. The intensity of the light depends on position of pages that create a fan-like contemporary lights with unfolding lamp shades.

American designer Max Gunawan came up with an unusual Lumio Lamp, www.hellolumio.com/ that offer a gorgeous lighting fixture with unfolding lamp shades and blending LED lights with a look of a hardcover book. The lamps can be used as pendant lights, table lamps and wall lights. This lighting design concept promises beautiful indoor and outdoor lights that make a statement.

Ways to use these contemporary lighting fixtures for home decorating are intuitive, challenging your imagination and creativity. The Lumio Lamps with unfolding lamp shades allow to design different moods with high and low intensity of the light and add fascinating accents to home decorating.

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Unique lighting fixtures with unfolding lamp shades

Glowing book lamp, unique lighting design concept

The lighting design ideas is captivating and functional. You can expand the book lamps covers to 360 degrees, unfolding them and creating ball-like lighting fixtures, which can be used as desk lamps, shelf or floor decorations and pendant lights. The wide opened book produces brighter light and folding creates less glow.

These unique lighting fixtures look stunning in home interiors, on a porch or patio. Combined with rocks or pebbles, the Lumio lamps look fantastic, perfect for creating functional and very attractive outdoor decor.

Wall decoration with unfolded book lamp Lumio

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Unfolding book lamp shades turns the light on

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