Unique Architectural Design Blending Contemporary Exterior with Brick Wall Ruins

modern architectural design with antique brick wall


Dovecote Studio is a unique creative art studio designed on the campus at Snape, UK. This modern building is designed by experts from the British architectural studio Haworth Tompkins, integrating the contemporary architectural design into old brick wall ruins.

The architectural design is defined by the brick wall, which is the ruins of a historic house built in the 19th century. The contemporary studio is a part of a famous music school Snape Maltings, founded by Benjamin Britten. The art studio is built, saving the brick wall which goes around the abandoned building in Suffolk.

The ruins organically blend with the spectacular landscape. The new campus studio is in a swampy area, right on the border between land and sea. The architectural design and reconstruction project has formed a new building that adds a contemporary flair to the old brick wall of the antique Victorian structure.

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Modern architectural design saving antique brick wall ruins

Unique building integrating modern architectural design into antique brick wall ruins

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Contemporary building and brick wall ruins

  by Ena Russ   

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