Timber Wood Interiors and Outdoor Rooms that Make Modern Houses Desired

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timber wood materials modern interior design
Dramatic timber frames, glass wall design, stone fireplace


Timber home interiors and outdoor rooms built with timber wood look so inviting, comfortable, and beautiful that people want to stay in these modern houses. Wooden interior design and covered patios are fantastic places symbolizing a good life. Here is the Lushome collection of cozy and warm home interiors, porches, gazebos, and other outdoor rooms to motivate you to consider contemporary, eco-friendly engineered wood materials for your house design and home renovation projects.

The strength and honest beauty of sustainable timber frame structures are fantastic. People feel thrilled to build spectacular outdoor rooms around their houses and have an opportunity to live in timber frame interiors. Lushome bring you examples of inspiring design ideas, welcoming living spaces, and spectacular outdoor rooms that show possibilities open with introducing timber wood materials in frame construction.

Timber wood materials for modern houses

Unusual wood gazebo design

Spectacular wooden gazebo design featuring a glass floor

Timer house designs

Timber wood house with covered entry, contemporary architectural design

Modern houses built with timer wood materials and renovated traditional homes featuring engineered wood elements get compliments and admiration. Timber wood materials are eco-friendly products. Timber is versatile and suitable for many architectural interiors and outdoor rooms in different styles. From rustic interiors adorned with hand-hewn trusses to modern houses graced with sleek elements and large spans, timber wood frames are inspiring.

Beautiful garden pavilion with glass walls and wooden frames

Modern outdoor kitchen designs, attractive dining areas

Contemporary home celebrating Green living ideas

Timber connections

Timber wood makes home interiors and outdoor living spaces look solid and beautiful. Porches, summer kitchens, gazebos, roofed patios, pool houses, and garden pavilions can feature original and spectacular frame designs. Also, timber houses make people feel warm, comfortable, and cozy in cold winters. Gorgeous brown colors of wood help relax in the wooden homes turned into safe, timelessly modern, and beautiful retreats.

Timber frames

Wooden home interiors

Dramatic timber frames, glass wall design, stone fireplace

Modern outdoor living spaces

Spectacular porch design
Timber house exterior, outdoor kitchen design

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