Contemporary Home in Germany Celebrating Green Design, Wood Interiors and Roof Gardens

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Contemporary home, lush vegetation


Contemporary Green building ideas bring beautiful roof garden designs to connect people living in urban areas with nature. Pendas Yin Yang House design demonstrate the organic design trend of modern houses with Green interior spaces and rooftop gardens. Designed by Penda Austria, the innovative Green home celebrates lush greenery and beautiful views of German landscape. It features rooftop garden that provides fresh food for its dwellers and creates gorgeous outdoor living spaces.

The innovative house design defines the trend in architecture that creates contemporary homes which feed people and harmonize modern life. Advanced technologies allow people to work at home, and the new design called Yin and Yan provide young people this opportunity. The house wrapped in lush vegetation is the ideal place for young people willing to return to the countryside and improve the quality of life.

Green architectural designs with rooftop gardens

Rooftop garden design blending urban environment with nature

Modern roof garden designs

Modern eco homes with roof gardens

Green building Yin and Yan

Contemporary design with rooftop gardens

Wooden interiors

The house design features original Green elements which harmonize home appearance. Wooden interiors with large windows are peaceful, comfortable, and inviting. The cozy area with a window seat and bookshelves and the separate space for an art studio make this home ideal for balancing fun and work.

Stone and wood interior design

Modern interior design with reclaimed wood

Bright home interiors blending light wood and glass

Inspired by the Chinese symbol Yin and Yang, the house design achieves harmony. The roof gardens offer a unique opportunity to grow fresh foods and enjoy outdoors in a contemporary way. The modern house is a perfect place to work and relax feeling the connection to nature.

Wood kitchen island and dining furniture
Wooden stairs and window seat idea, wooden bench with bookshelves
Bedroom design with large windows
Art studio design, wooden ceiling beams, large windows

Rooftop gardens

Modern house, Green roof, summer garden
Beautiful winter garden, rooftop garden design
Green building with rooftop gardens
Contemporary home, lush vegetation

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Green building design with rooftop gardens is not a new concept of environmentally friendly houses, but Green roofs become very popular...


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