Stunning Room Design, Popular Ice Hotels Created by Carving Artists

ice chandelier

Unique lighting design, ice chandelier


Ice Hotels are fabulous creations. Built of snow and ice, unique hotels spread worldwide in many northern countries. They survive up to four months, giving fun and providing fantastic inspirations to enjoy winters. Hotel room design ideas surprise and delight visitors, as all furniture and decor accessories are created with ice. The room temperature rarely rises above -3-5°С or around 25°F, but warm decor accessories help stay warm.

Fantastic architectural designs and welcoming room decorating ideas turn the ice hotels into popular places. They offer wool and fur blankets, chair cushions, and floor rugs that add a rustic, warm feel to icy spaces allowing you to experience winter cold in comfort. Each snow hotel in a different country features unique architectural designs and original interior decorating. Here is the Lushome collection of interior decorating ideas in Ice Hotels that you can use as inspirations when organizing winter picnics and outdoor parties.

Small bedroom designs, cozy living spaces

Modern bed headboard ideas in the hotel style

Winter picnic with kids, fun backyard decorating ideas

Unique hotels, room design ideas

Ice hotel entrance

Snow sculptors create fairy-tale places to stay overnight or for a few hours. Icy chandeliers, wall lights, beds, seats, tables, chairs, candle holders, and ice sculptures are authentic artworks that unfortunately have a short life.

Extravagant interior design ideas and bedroom decor, Modez Hotel

Bold and modern interior design ideas, Portago Urban Hotel

Paper snowflakes, fun winter decorating ideas

Ice Hotels in northern countries offer people to experience a real-life winter wonderland with rooms decorated by ice carving artists. Colorful lighting fixtures beautifully illuminate stunning room decorating ideas and create a magical atmosphere.

Unique furniture design, artworks, ice room beds

Whether you are experiencing the white winter holiday season or live in a tropical paradise, the frozen wonder of Ice Hotels is waiting for you.

Carved of snow sculptures
Unique furniture carved from ice, chair
Colorful and warm ice room design with carved tables, stools, a wood stove
Mysterious snow sculptures, ice hotel room design
Outdoor living spaces in ice hotels, jacuzzi
Winter artworks, snow sculptures in ice hotels
Bears snow sculptures, ice hotel room design
Unique lighting design, ice chandelier
Ice carving, bed design
Carved from snow, outdoor chairs

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