Paper Snowflakes, How to Make the Fun Decorations for your Winter Rooms

christmas tree made with snowflakes
Creative window decorating with paper snowflakes, Christmas tree



Paper crafts that create beautiful snowflakes are fun to make. Here is the Lushome collection of cut out patterns and a guide showing how to create paper snowflakes and enhance your winter decorating ideas with the charming, nature-inspired accents and cheap decorations. You can make these holiday decorations with four, six or eight points, it depends on your sense of art and style. Real snowflakes have six points, so six-point designs look the most realistic.

These paper designs require folding paper and cutting out pieces to create unique crystal-inspired patterns. All you need to make the decorations is a pencil to mark cut outs, paper, and scissors. You can use thick or thin paper, colored or plain white. The beauty of these decorations is in the simplicity, and white color is the natural color for snowflakes.

Charming handmade Christmas decorations; paper snowflakes and garlands

Recycling paper for snowflakes, cheap decorations for winter

Quilted paper crafts for kids and adults, homemade Christmas decorations

Snowflakes, paper crafts for winter decorating

Paper snowflakes, craft ideas for beautiful winter decorating

1. How to make the decorations

You start with a square piece of white paper. Outline the square edges, cut and start folding it in half diagonally to form a triangle. Fold in half again and another time to make a little triangle with a sharp angle at the top where will be the center of the snowflake.  Cut the top off at an angle. Flip your folded triangle over and cut off excess paper at an angle also.

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Cheap ideas, handmade Christmas decorations with cinnamon sticks

Recycling paper for holiday decorations, craft ideas for kids and adults

Now you can start shaping your snowflake creating a unique pattern. Cutting out triangles, half-circles or tiny rectangles is a quick way to design a beautiful snowflake. The originality and beauty of these paper crafts are in decoration patterns you choose. All snowflakes are never the same because you spontaneously create different designs to make the decorations.

Various designs for paper crafts, handmade Christmas decorations

2. Snowflake patterns

Everyone can pick a unique cut or shape that give personality to paper snowflakes. Even if you want to repeat the pattern, cuts can be slightly different every time. When you finish, unfold carefully paper and reveal the beautiful snowflake design.

Ideas and patterns for making paper snowflakes

3. How to add paper snowflakes to winter home decorating

You can iron snowflakes between two pieces of paper or make the decorations flat by keeping paper crafts between two heavy books. After that paper snowflakes will be ready to add their beauty to your winter decorating.

Window decorating with paper drafts, snowflakes

A tiny piece of double-sided tape is an easy way to stick the paper crafts to your door, window glass or wall. Paper snowflakes show up beautifully on glass doors and windows, particularly at night against the dark glass, glowing candles, and soft Christmas lights.

Hanging paper snowflakes from the ceiling

You can hang snowflakes from the ceiling if you make them of construction paper or wallpaper. Also, the little handmade Christmas decorations look beautiful on gift boxes and Christmas tree branches. Tiny snowflakes can decorate holiday tables, beautify centerpiece ideas, and give a unique touch to handmade Christmas garlands. Paper snowflakes are elegant, attractive, handmade Christmas decorations that enhance all winter decorating ideas. These cheap ideas are perfect for the filled with joy winter holiday season.

Paper snowflakes, cheap decorations for winter holiday tables
Winter holiday tablescape with paper snowflakes
Window decorating with snowflakes, cheap ideas for handmade Christmas decorations
Creative window decorating with paper snowflakes, Christmas tree

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