Extravagant Interior Design Ideas and Bedroom Decor Inspirations from Modez Hotel in Netherlands

knitted wall decorations


Modern interior design and decor may surprise traditional decorators. Spectacular decoration patterns mixed with unusual and attractive accents adorn the hotel interiors in Arnhem. The hotel rooms look unusual and bold. Lushome presents the fresh and bold interior design ideas which are innovative and inspiring. All twenty rooms are distinct from each other. Each room design and decor have its style, color scheme, and theme. Every room has its character and provides a comfortable, creative and bright place to stay.

The stunning interior design ideas from 35 designers bring originality and exclusiveness to revolutionize hotel room decor. Beautiful color combinations and decoration patterns, a blend of exciting textures and impressive lighting fixtures create fabulous interiors. Brave and provocative solutions, interior design ideas and decor with an unexpected twist feel super modern and exciting.

The extravagant rooms give many inspirations for cool bedroom decorating at home. Each room has its unique atmosphere, set a different mood, demonstrating traditional wood texture and elegant simplicity of functional interior decorating. Bold wall decoration and sensual details add personality to interior design, offering unusual places to visit and experience.

Bold and modern interior design ideas from Spain, Portago Urban Hotel rooms

Black and white decorating with color accents

Modern ideas for extravagant bedroom decorating

Crochet curtains and chair upholstery, modern interior design and decor ideas

Crocheted furniture and window curtains, knitted and weaved decorative accessories, graphic prints, and abstract decoration patterns look gorgeous in small hotel rooms. Rich color shades and stylish gray paint hues which provide dramatic backgrounds for colorful accents balance interior design and decor. Interesting details and impressive painting artworks make rooms feel exclusive.

Modern interior design and decor ideas reflect the new technology to excite the space. Beautiful spaces look stylish, thanks to the modern fashion designers who individually decorated 20 rooms in the hotel. Creative and provocative, colorful and unique, these hotel interiors surprise with a stunning and unexpected effect.

Striped walls in white and gray color, rich blue cushion and modern art

Creative and graphic, abstract and modern interior design is brightened up by adding interesting decor accents and colorful details, like the patchwork quilt, wallpaper with a giant QR code, linens and wall art. Brown colors with bright pink accents or turquoise with yellow details, the colorful interior design offers amazing color schemes to experiment with bright hues and create unique modern bedrooms.

Black and white bedroom decorating ideas, QR code decoration patterns

Room design in black and white or light neutral colors, funny images or classic green leaves are just a few interesting themes for bedroom decorating to create the extravagant and bold effect. Bright and colorful, the rooms appear playful and inviting. Crochet designs and knitted details bring traditional crafts into interior design and add a nostalgic, cozy and warm feel to the room decorating.

  by Ena Russ   

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