Stunning Modern Interiors of Swing House with Curves and Twists

unique window designs in living room


Modern interiors of Swing House in Poland look unusual and dramatic.  The unique house with curved and twisted shapes is built in Warsaw, Poland, reflecting the extravagant taste and style of the owners and enhancing there home interiors with organic design forms.

The stunning architectural design is created by a Poland based architect Dagmara Obluska. Impressive and lush home interiors look amazing and extraordinary with rounded windows and curved or twisted architectural elements. The house roof is designed with numerous extended dormer windows and niches, allowing for a large use without a significant increase in volume.

The ceiling at the exactly desired point is a creative interior design idea, which is functional and aesthetically appealing at the same time. The attractive balustrade is a smart combination of plasterboard reinforced with steel frame. The column design, which supports the unique staircase, is another interesting highlight of this house design project.

Unique house design ideas

Unique house design with roof opening

Organic design ideas, Guest house design with curved wood beams

Binishell house designs, green ideas in architectural design in retro style

Modern living room design with curved windows

Shelves decoration reflects the theme of stair railing design, adding more harmony to these fabulous, light and airy modern interiors.

The ground floor has been designed primarily as an open-seating area. The bright and spacious atmosphere in the living room is enhanced by the natural colors and shiny materials including mirrors, marble, granite, which reflect both the light from the large windows and artificial lighting in many places.

Bathroom design with ball-shaped lighting on a curved metal post

One of the most interesting features of this house design are the windows in the living room. A glazed bay window with height reaching to the second floor is illuminating not only the living room but also a mezzanine, creating bright and spacious modern interiors.

Amazing curves on interior doors and mirrors, unique interior design ideas

  by Ena Russ   

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