Unique House Design with Roof Opening by Studio Velocity, Modern Houses in Eco Style

outdoor furniture and indoor plants

Outdoor furniture and indoor plants for home decorating, unique house design with openings in the roof


Unique house design by Studio Velocity features attractive house exterior and spacious living spaces in white colors, inspired by light breezes in the mountains. Simple and elegant modern house design look contemporary and very functional.

Beautiful wooden furniture and wood kitchen cabinets add warmth and coziness to open spaces. Green leaves look gorgeous with white walls and ceilings. Large windows and openings in the roof bring lots of light and allow to enjoy the blue sky and white clouds. Combined with indoor plants, they create a pleasant illusion of being in the park or in the forest.

Unique large openings in the inclined roof that creates a balcony like space, ladder to the deck under the roof, tall trees and spacious furnishing, the diversity of house exterior and white paint colors are main takeaways from romantic Montblanc House design project.

Cottage like modern house design with green wall garden

Green building, green wall and rooftop garden for modern eco homes

Unique large opening in the roof, modern house design in Osaka, Japan

Modern house design description from Studio Velocity architects, www.studiovelocity.jp/

“The plan of a house with a small beauty shop on the first floor. A house for a family of four: the young couple running the shop, their 3 year-old girl, and their newborn. The site, surrounded by neighboring houses in 3 directions, is in a quiet residential area. Most houses in the area have only 2 stories and one is able to see the mountains far away.

However, the neighboring houses and apartments stand close to the site with their windows opening on to it. So I began to consider how to create an open space in such a tightly enclosed site. The building has a gable-house-shape with a continuous exterior space from the 1st to the 3rd floor under a large inclined roof. 5 large openings in the inclined roof bring sufficient natural light and air, as well as scenery, into the building.

Outdoor furniture and indoor plants for home decorating, unique house design with openings in the roof

The windows, as “voids,” lacking sashes, have a totally different scale from the windows of the neighboring houses. That’s why there is a wondrous scale around the area as if the model had been enlarged. When you’re walking in a forest in the mountains, you feel as though you’re being gently embraced though you’re not actually inside anything.

Canadian house designs, Mosewich Hoouse

Romantic floating house for two, modern house designs for getaways

Along the path, where the wind’s breezes encircle the trees’ leaves above, where one can hear the murmur of the wind in the trees, the sounds of the birds singing, and the footsteps of creatures in the hush, there is, I think, an interior-like sense of place, a state that is wholly distinct from urban spaces or open skies.

Indoor plants for modern house decorating to create a forest-like atmosphere

Or else, from amongst a thicket, finding a view of the city at the foot of the mountain, or the blue sky streaming through the leaves and so one encounters many such “exteriors” along the way.

Can we create a place for such experiences in a crowded residential area? One encounters “outside” at various points as you walk upstairs since the semi-exterior spaces are connected and gently covered with a large luminous roof.

Sustainable house design for urban serene lifestyle

Brick and wood in modern house design

I hope to create a diversity of “exteriors” with the various angles and heights of the site, appropriately hiding away the views from the neighboring sites, as well as a sense of the neighboring houses’ existence.”

  by Ena Russ   

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