Striking Gender Differences in Modern Interior Design and Decorating for Guys and Girls

bedroom decorating in green and brown colors

Well defined green and brown color scheme for male bedroom decorating

Modern interior decorating ideas are often versatile and suitable for guys and girls. It is more difficult to create interior decorating with the gender differences in min. According to scientific researches, guys and girls see interiors very differently, and one of modern interior design trends offer guys and girls oriented decorating ideas in an attempt to please men and women.

Modern interior decorating ideas should reflect the fact that guys eyes are more sensitive to small details and moving objects,  while girls more sensitive to changes in color. A new study by the City University of New York proved again that men and women see differently the world, and color design is more important to women, while too many small home accessories and too much ornamentation can be disturbing to men.

According to a recent extensive review of previous researches and experiments, scientists found that in most cases women demonstrate higher sensitivity to smell, sound and color than men. The scientists compared the visual abilities of men and women who were older than 16 with normal vision and who were waring glasses or contact lenses.

Interior design ideas, textures and colors for men and women

Modern interior design ideas for male professional in luxurious eclectic style

Modern interior design and decorating ideas for young women, floral ceiling designs and various pink color tones, combined with light and brown colors
Home office design for men

They found that boys needed a little long wavelength colors to see the same colors as the girls. It means that women enjoy monochromatic color schemes and interior decorating ideas for women should include rich color palette with more then one color. Men are unable to describe the small differences in color shades.


To determine the sensitivity of the participants to the contrasts, the researchers showed them images of light and dark bands that vary in width and color to create a shimmering effect and ripple. Male participants quickly recognize quickly changing images created with thin stripes, said the scientists.

Peaceful bedroom decorating in monochromatic colors for girls
Well defined green and brown color scheme for male bedroom decorating

Shimmering effects and changing shape images, used in interior decorating, make rooms more beautiful for women, while can distract and disturb guys.

Best paint colors and color preferences for room decorating for men and women

Interior design of the year, ideal car for busy women

Simple interior decorating color schemes, comfortable well defined colors and solid materials are the best interior decorating choices for guys, who prefer comfortable and relaxing rooms. Enriched with monochromatic tones interior decorating color schemes, moving elements and shimmering surfaces make rooms more beautiful and interesting for girls.

  by Ena Russ   

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