Spectacular Interior Design Ideas from Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht Hotel

modern interiors with unique decor, hotel in amsterdam
Unique architectural interiors in eclectic style



The Andaz Hotel in Amsterdam by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders shows surprising and inspiring interior design ideas. The hotel interiors, guest rooms, and public spaces feature extensive and unique details, like fantastic chandeliers encased inside giant bells and unique wallpaper patterns that combine fish with cutlery images.

The hotel occupies a 35-year-old library building in the center of Amsterdam, and the architect wanted the architectural design to incorporate magnetic city heritage elements with images from historical books. The modern interior design ideas reflect this, giving great inspiration for developing creative and exciting spaces.

A mixture of different styles creates beautiful interior design ideas that look eclectic and fascinate with surprising accents and comfortable luxury.  Andaz Amsterdam interiors show off original vintage furniture and decor accessories that reference the Dutch Golden Age. Delft ceramics, tulips decoration patterns, and bright accents in orange color enhance the style.

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Gigantic interior design and decor

Impressive interior design with sizeable, unique lighting fixtures

An installation modeled on a constellation of stars and planets makes the fantastic centerpiece brightening up the lobby. Positioned below a large skylight, the suspended decorations and lighting fixtures remind visitors of old-fashioned astronomy.

Stone and wood bathroom design with open shower, stone bathtub, fireplace

Spectacular central sunroom adding unique character to modern interior design

Negative edge pools with stunning views, contemporary design ideas

Bell-shaped chandeliers hang below the installation, illuminating a row of reception desks. At the same time, a collection of Dutch ornaments and curiosities are displayed on a bookcase behind, adding unique character to modern interior design in eclectic style.

Unique architectural interiors in eclectic style

The hotel offers 122 guest rooms featuring custom-made modern wallpaper patterns that personalize interior design and decor. The interior design envisioned to illustrate the city as a cultural melting pot brings together unrelated objects, like a fish and a spoon, adding a whimsical touch to room decor.

Beautiful small garden design with sculptures

Public spaces, a restaurant, bar, lounge, and library are grouped on the hotel’s ground floor, creating comfortable, inviting, stylish, and functional zones. A garden with tulips, checkerboard paving, and mischievous-looking statues adds to eclectic design’s symbolic images and vintage style.

Massive chandeliers encased into gigantic bells.

The architect-designed unique furniture pieces, such as his Big Ben Clock, the Monster Chair, and the Skygarden suspension lighting fixture, enhance the fantastic appearance of this architectural design.

Original wall decoration, blue ceiling design, creative bedroom ideas

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