Spectacular Hotel Room Design and Decor, Fletcher Hotel in Amsterdam

hotel room design with glass shower and large window

Hotel room design with a large round window, a glass shower and a flat panel TV hanging from a tree


The hotel room design and decor impress and delight with a round window with a spectacular view, a glass shower positioned in the center of the room, and a flat panel TV hanging on a tree beside a bed. The Fletcher Hotel features unique and stunning, luxurious and modern interior design and decor, created by architectural studio Benthem Crouwel Architekten.

Open loft-like living spaces that feature incorporated bathroom design with glass walls are modern interior design trends that influenced even small spaces. The glass shower design with a transparent wall make a hotel room look more spacious visually.

The building is 60 m tall with an amazing, bright and impressive ground floor on 24 sq m. All valuable spaces are efficiently used, offering exclusive, comfortable, luxurious and modern interior design and decor. The lobby and cafe on the ground floor look spectacular and stylish. Elevators and stairs are the heart of the hotel building and take visitors to 120 comfortable rooms with creative interior design in contemporary style.

Hotel room design and decor

Hotel room design with a large round window, a glass shower and a flat panel TV hanging from a tree

Round shapes and especially large round windows add a unique look and depth to interior design ideas, merging hotel spaces with sky and providing a panoramic view of the city. Rich blue color increases the effect, blending the hotel exterior design with the sky.

The hotel building is glowing, creating a beautiful landmark in Amsterdam. Elegant dark interior decorating colors and shiny surfaces fill up modern interiors with chi and comfort.

Modern interior design and decor ideas
Large round window and modern furniture

More info about this amazing project you can find on the architectural studio website http://www.benthemcrouwel.nl/

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