Solid Metal Gates, Design Ideas for Complete Privacy and Protection

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Custom gate design


Metal gates show creative designs around the world. Aluminum, Corten steel, wrought iron driveway gates look beautiful, offering original and practical solutions for home protection and a modern look. Despite many driveway gate designs staying unchanged in terms of style, aluminum and Corten steel brought fresh ideas to manufacturing metal gates. If you want complete privacy, super protection, and durability, gates made with metal sheets are excellent choices for your house exterior decorating.

Steel, aluminum alloys, synthetic wood, and carbon fibers are modern building materials creating unique gates. These materials, used in contemporary design, demonstrate their natural beauty. Gorgeous textures, attractive colors, and the strength of metals turn gates into fabulous architectural designs and exterior decorations. Here is the Lushome collection of inspiring driving gate designs providing complete privacy and solid protection.

Metal driveway gates, design ideas

Beautiful fence designs and yard landscaping ideas

Decorative Corten steel elements

Solid metal gate designs

Elegant geometric pattern, solid metal gate design

The remarkable properties of metals turn the driveway gates into beautiful house exterior decorations. There are design styles and solutions to meet every type of house. Value-conscious options and artistic design ideas can satisfy any taste.

Attractive driveway designs and yard landscaping ideas

Modern metal designs

Corten steel house exterior, design idea

Decorative metal gates without backing, iron gates with perforated sheet backing add beautiful accents to house exterior designs. If preserving privacy is the primary concern, solid metal gates with maintenance-free synthetic wood inserts are great choices.

Custom metal design, driveway gate

Decorative design ideas

When adding an attractive design element to the property is a primary task, various beautiful design ideas satisfy every taste. Modern solid metal gates can feature upgraded hinges, attractive material combinations, and unique design elements, like arches, laser cuts, scrollwork. Custom gate design turns these functional features into eye-catching accents of your home decorating and landscaping.

Ornamental iron gates, concrete block wall designs

Whether you look for a beautiful decorative metal gate to give your home a distinctive look or provide good protection, solid metal gates and customized design ideas offer fabulous options demonstrating the natural beauty of materials and stunning artistry.

Contemporary design idea, metal gates with simplified geometric patterns
Square pattern, glass inserts, metal gate design idea
Custom gate design

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