Smart Storage Solution Offering Modern Nomad Storage Space Organization

wooden furniture storage unit

Mini closet storage solution


Smart storage solutions create comfortable and attractive storage space adding beautiful furniture to home staging for stress-free lifestyle. Storage organization is an important element of creating elegant and functional interior decorating in decluttered and spacious homes.

This simple and elegant storage solution is offered by designers from Oboio design studio, Brazil. The Arara Nomade is a smart storage solution for modern nomads. Easy to assemble, the storage unit consists of simple frame parts, wooden and metal shelves and boxes.

Designers Andre Pedrini & Ricardo Freisleben, envisioned this practical and space saving storage unit design. The furniture design is unique and attractive. The storage unit is a blend of easy-to-assemble furniture parts and modern ideas for storage space organization.

Creative storage space ideas, attractive storage solutions

Modern storage unit

Mini closet storage solution

The storage unit works as a mini closet and requires no screws or glue to assemble. It is easy to pack and move to a different place, adding flexibility to interior design and modern lifestyle. This ingenious storage unit design look simple  when empty, but offer a great storage solution that personalizes interior decorating with personal objects.

The storage unit is excellent for clothes, shoes, small personal items or books.  The modern furniture design feature wooden elements which make this storage solution versatile and suitable for interior decorating in any style.

Simple and elegant storage furniture design for modern interior decorating

When you do not need this furniture pieces, you can store it away for a while. The shelving unit can be transformed into a small chest. Its wonderful ability to transform make this creative and modern storage unit a desirable storage furniture pieces, ideal for contemporary nomads lifestyle.

Modern storage units and shelving systems

Modern storage furniture, contemporary shelving units for stylish interior design

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