Small Kitchen Design, Space Saving Modern Kitchen Cabinet from Kitchoo

modern kitchen cabinet

Modern kitchen cabinet, space saving ideas for ergonomic and compact interior design and decor


Small kitchen design K1 from Kitchoo, Switzerland allows to create functional and comfortable kitchen in the stusio, small apartment or home, while creating space saving, attractive and contemporary interior decorating design.

Small kitchen design K1 is for all who change places very often, enjoy cozy and cute interiors or cann’t afford a large home or a spacious apartment, but like to have an elegant and practical kitchen. The size L 130cm x W 1000 / 1580 cm x D 65 cm.

Modern kitchen design K1 is a kitchen cabinet, perfect for space saving interior decorating of small spaces. This modern kitchen cabinet has a top that covers a stove, creating an attractive wood furniture piece when cooking is over.

Modern kitchens for small spaces, small kitchen design K1 by Kitchoo

Small size and ergonomic design, space saving ideas and beautiful look make this modern kitchen design ideal for small contemporary homes and hotel suits.

Kitchoo in Japanese means good mark, and the company creates one of the best compact, ergonomic and small kitchen designs.

Modern kitchen cabinet, space saving ideas for ergonomic and compact interior design and decor

The mini-kitchen K1 is both simple and complex. Convenient design that turns into a compact kitchen cabinet with a beautiful top made of natural stone. The small kitchen was awarded the review design award in Paris and the prestigious RedDot award in Germany.

Small saving ideas for small kitchens, modern kitchen appliance design

Futuristic kitchen, small kitchen appliances design trends

Ergonomic design, functionality, innovative top made of natural stone, sleek contemporary kitchen cabinet doors and drawers without knobs, indiction stove, simplicity and easy use are main points of this small kitchen design.

Compact kitchen design for small spaces

Kitchen Design with Peninsula, 20 modern kitchen designs for large and small spaces

Modern kitchen design trends, redesigning kitchen interiors

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