Small Cottage Decor, Inspiring Modern Ideas for Room Makeovers

cottage decor accessories and wooden furniture for room makeovers


Small cottage decor transforms rooms, bringing charming atmosphere into living spaces. Unique and modern, small decorative accessories give a final touch to interior redesign and room makeovers, creating beautiful, welcoming and stylish places for weekends and getaways. Lushome shares modern ideas for creative, inexpensive and quick room makeovers with cottage decor accessories.

Decluttering and organizing, combined with creative cottage decor are able to transform even small spaces into attractive, airy and inviting rooms. Antiques, like a wood stove, old metal keys or ceramic vases add uniqueness to interior redesign while connecting modern cottage decor with traditions and generations. Natural and neutral colors, especially white and red or white and blue color combinations, are excellent color design choices for cottage room makeovers.

Modern cottage decor ideas include nature inspired designs and simple decoration patterns. Stripes and checks, floral designs, hens, roosters and chickens, elegant stripes and birds decorations look charming, adding original and pleasant details to small cottage decor. Unique accents, handmade wall decorations and crafts give character to creative interior redesign.

Modern cottage design trends and decorating ideas

Modern cottage decorating ideas recycling an old railway car into summer retreat

Small cottage decor ideas

Cottage decor with wooden furniture, antiques and natural room colors

Wooden room furniture and slipcovers, simple wooden floors and wall designs, white paint colors and natural home fabrics look fabulous bringing the nature into modern cottage decor. Beautiful table lamps and pendant lighting fixtures increase the appeal of cottage decor while making rooms comfortable, cozy and welcoming.

Cottage decor colors for room makeovers

Light to medium brown colors of natural wood, grayish and yellowish brown colors are perfect for cottage interior decorating. Golden colors and soft orange color shades feel pleasant, combined with neutral colors.

Cottage decor ideas for dining room, white and red colors, striped fabric and wooden white painted furniture

Warm and creamy white paint colors, dots of black and gray color tones, white room furniture and upholstery fabrics, accents in rich red, blue and green colors create amazing living spaces adding colorful look to peaceful and elegant cottage decor.

Cottage decor ideas in neutral colors enhancing rustic beauty of natural materials

Wooden house design seducing with cottage coziness

Colorful small cottage decor and bright painting ideas

Classic room furniture are ideal for beautiful cottage decor. Bookcases and shelves, chairs and chests of drawers, tall bed headboard designs and wardrobes bring wonderful atmosphere of classic cottage into decor. Table lamps, candles, ceramic vases and glass containers, quilts and handmade pillow cases decorated with lace or ribbons add romantic look to small cottage decor offering fabulous inspirations for creative interior redesign and beautiful room makeovers.

Wooden bookcases and shelves painted white
White painted furniture for small cottage decorating
Candles, flowers and bird decorations
Wooden furniture in classic style

Cottage decor ideas and photography by Russian architect Iliya Nasonov.

  by Ena Russ   

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