Modern Interior Design Ideas Add Cottage Coziness to Wooden House Design in Chilie

modern house design with terraces and yard landscaping ideas


This modern house design looks spectacular at night and in the morning. The house offers gorgeous living spaces, warmed up and softened with relaxing room colors and comfortable decor. The House TavonattiĀ  is a stylish, cozy and welcoming retreat in the region of Cachagua, Zapallar, Chile.

Built in 2011 and designed by Par Arquitectos,, the modern house consists of two blocks. Its exterior design is enriched by convenient staircases that connect the vertically placed on top of each other blocks. Spacious and elegantly furnished, the beautiful rooms are open to gorgeous views of spectacular surroundings.

Modern interior design ideas blend white decorating colors with bright turquoise accents that create a calming atmosphere. Room furniture made of solid wood and wicker furniture pieces add a warm feel to modern interiors and create cottage-like decor.

Colorful small cottage decor, bright wall painting ideas

Modern house blending concrete architectural design with cozy cottage decor

Modern interior design with wood and turquoise accents

Cottage-like modern interior design and decor with turquoise blue accents

The terrace and staircases offer striking views of the garden and breathtaking surroundings. Wood is the main element of this modern house design, from its exterior to modern interior design and decor. Warm brown colors, combined with light neutral colors, create very pleasant living spaces.

This modern house is ideal for a relaxing vacation. Rooms feel elegant, but casual and comfortable. Various textures and bright room colors, combined with soft white decorating ideas, give these modern home interiors unique charm of a cottage lifestyle.

Built-in wooden shelves and leather dining furniture

A dinning area and the bedrooms are open out to the courtyard with beautiful plants and flowers. Living room is bright and inviting. Sea themed decor increases the cottage-like effect, and light room furniture adorns a living room with shabby chic charm and unique details.

Modern cottage design trends creating open multifunctional and eco friendly home interiors

Light interior design and decor with cottage vibe beautified by wood ceiling

Painted white, wooden ceiling design allows to enjoy the beauty of traditional material. Natural fabrics and leather increase traditional motifs, emphasizes with handmade floor rugs and wooden crafts and turn this modern house into a lovely cottage-like home.

Built in wooden shelves with windows and handmade floor rugs
Relaxing bedroom decorating ideas in light neutral colors with turquoise blue accents

Modern house exterior design

  by Ena Russ   

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