Small Bathroom Design Trends, 25 Modern Ideas to Refresh Small Rooms

small bathroom white gray colors
Small bathroom design, white decorating ideas



Small bathrooms are cozy places that feel comfortable and functional. White bathroom colors stretch small rooms visually and add brightness to modern ideas. The latest trends call for black-n-white decorating ideas but also bring colorful interior design ideas. Blue, yellow, red, orange, green, pink, and purple colors are as modern as ever. Soft pastels, black-n-white, and natural wood colors, from light to medium and dark brown color shades, are stylish choices for new bathroom designs.

A small bathroom is convenient, inexpensive, and practical. A little effort will refresh small rooms and keep small spaces look modern. Next time when you are taking a bath or shower, think about the amount of work and cost of a spacious bathroom remodeling, feel stress-free, and happily unwind after a long day in your small bathroom.

Small bathroom remodeling ideas maximizing available spaces

Bathroom design trends and interior colors for small rooms

Small bathroom remodeling and home staging tips

Small bathroom design

If you like a new design that brings positive changes to your home, here are modern ideas that you can implement into your bathroom design to refresh the way it looks and feels.

Beautiful white and green color combination, perfect for refreshing bathrooms

Small bathroom design trends

1. Use matching bathroom products, furniture sets, single-style faucets, wall mirrors, and bathroom lighting fixtures to avoid the eclectic interior design style that can make small bathrooms look messy and outdated.

Small bathroom designs blending functionality and style

Adding personality to bathroom design

Modern bathroom sinks beautifully accentuating small bathroom designs

2. Buy small bathroom fixtures to suit the room design and allowing free access to the sink and tub.

3. Delicate finishes and room colors create a light, airy atmosphere, perfect for ultimate relaxation. Slim design ideas refresh a bathroom and make it look contemporary and stylish.

Exposed brick wall small bathroom sink

4. Integrate practical solutions, bathroom fixtures, furniture, bath accessories that are trendy, eco-friendly, and sophisticated. Wall-hung toilets, bidets, freestanding storage furniture make it easy to clean the bathroom and add attractiveness to the appearance.

5. Integrate various transparent surfaces, mirrors, glass, clear plastic to enlarge small bathrooms and bring more light into small rooms.

Wall-mounted sink vanity, contemporary lighting, mirrored cabinet, small bathroom design trends

6. Love wood that is trendy, comfortable, and warm. Wood connects modern bathrooms with nature, bringing the latest trends into modern homes. Wood wall designs, flooring ideas, wood furniture, bathtub skirt, and bath accessories look chic.

Wood in small bathroom design, modern accent wall idea

7. Bathtubs often switch to shower designs in modern bathrooms. On the other hand, even small bathrooms look luxurious with a jacuzzi which creates a spa-like atmosphere. Chromotherapy and aromatherapy with underwater lighting and pleasant sounds are miracle workers that help relax and rejuvenate at home.

8. White colors are the best for small bathroom design and decorating. Also, consider adding a touch of modern color to refresh your white bathroom. Light-blue, pale pink, peaceful green pastels, and turquoise hues are perfect for new bathroom designs, symbolizing absolute freedom and elegant style.

White bathroom fixtures, gray wall tiles, simplifies geometric designs, small bathroom design trends.

9. Keep your small bathroom design simplified, decluttered, and contemporary. The quality, versatility, and abundance of light define modern bathroom design today.

10. Smooth lines create a seamless bathroom design that is practical, comfortable, and naturally elegant.

Small bathroom design, white decorating ideas

11. Metal accents are timelessly modern ideas. Glass and metal give a bathroom a cosmic, futuristic look. Contemporary bathroom design trends mix metallic textures and colors. For example, you can choose faucets with a chrome finish and add one or two bath accessories in bronze or golden colors.

12. Modern wall paint color, wallpaper pattern, colorful furniture, or wood wall paneling are stylish options for accent wall designs.

Modern small bathroom design trends, colorful cabinets, white wall tiles, golden accents

13. Framed artworks and large wall mirrors help immediately spruce up bathroom interiors and create bright, inspiring room designs.

14.Refresh your bathroom decorating with seasonal accents.

Small bathroom design, round wall mirror, contemporary lighting, small bathroom sink, large wall tiles in gray

15. Install new modern tiles.

16. Add shelves for storage and beauty products displays.

Small bathroom decorating with wall art

17. Gallery walls are affordable and beautiful ideas to refresh rooms and beautifully personalize them.

18. Install a mural with modern wallpaper to bring exciting patterns, stylish colors, and contemporary digital images to refresh your bathroom.

Contemporary bathroom furniture, sink vanities, shelves, metal bath accessories

19. Bring floating shelves and beautify your shelf decoration with sophisticated artworks or whimsical crafts.

20. An oversized artwork, like a cityscape, abstract art, landscape, original painting, handmade collage, is ideal for fresh and inspiring decorating.

Blue wall paint color, bathroom storage furniture in white

21. Colorful wall painting is a fantastic, timelessly popular technique that changes the vibe in small bathrooms, saves money on decorating, and creates unique rooms.

22. Wall stickers are a quick way to give character to any interior.

Bathroom decorating with indoor plants, black-n-white bathroom colors, golden faucet

23. There is nothing as beautiful, original, and cheap as decorating with houseplants, like succulents, ferns, and flowering plants.

24. Contemporary bath accessories are fabulous bathroom decorations that refresh a bathroom and that you can effortlessly change any time you want.

Pink bathroom tiles, wooden bathtub shelf

25. Enhance your bathroom with something unique and create the vibe you love, so you will enjoy your small bathroom every time you are there.

Modern bathroom design ideas

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