25 Winning Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas Adding Personality and Airy Feel to Room Design

small bathroom designs and decorating accents



Small bathroom decorating require creativity and a sense of style. Small bathroom designs can be cozy and personal, functional and comfortable when you choose the best decorating ideas for your small spaces, creating an airy look with polished, transparent and shiny materials, and using space saving fixtures for your functional rooms. Adding interest to small bathroom decorating with color, texture, creative lighting and decorative elements or unique accents are essential to make the most of your small spaces and turn small bathrooms into unique spaces.

Selecting materials, colors and concepts for your small bathroom decorating, that create more spacious and bright rooms, allows to achieve functional and comfortable interiors that work for you and your household, delight and bring joy into your life with original designs, bright light and unique decorations.

Modern bathrooms are not just functional rooms, but small interiors that need to be personalized in elegant style and decorated with pleasant colors that reflect your taste. Small bathroom decorating ideas include a few important elements – space saving bathroom fixtures and furniture, smooth and transparent materials, wall mirrors, bright lighting design, and unique decorative accents that make your small bathroom look different and interesting.

25 small bathroom design and remodeling ideas maximizing small spaces

Modern small bathroom decorating in eco style, neutral colors with green accents

Spacious small bathroom decorating with mirrors

Small bathroom decorating ideas

Space saving ideas for small bathrooms

Using as little space as possible, modern bathroom fixtures and furniture improve functionality and comfort of your small bathroom design, while adding attractive accents, shapes, textures and colors to modern bathroom decorating.

Unique lighting design, glass partitions and glass doors are modern trends in decorating small bathrooms that help create airy, bright and spacious rooms. One-of-a-kins decorative accessories and original designs add uniqueness to small bathroom decorating.

Small bathroom decorating ideas

Pedestal sinks gives lots of room, and under-sink cabinets save space in small bathrooms. Glass shower doors  and toilet area partitions provides openness to small room design. Compact corner sinks and shower designs, storage cabinets and wall shelves are attractive and very functional, adding a spacious feel to small bathroom decorating.

Trendy small bathroom remodeling ideas and 25 redesign inspirations

Small bathroom ideas, 11 retro modern bathroom designs

Large mirrors are wonderful for small bathroom decorating, adjusting the proportion of tiny room and making it looks bigger and brighter. Wall niches and built-in shelving maximize small spaces and improve organization. Transparent curtain fabric on large windows, skylights and bright lighting design are great for bringing more natural and artificial light into small bathroom decorating and visually stretching small rooms.

Creative ideas for small bathroom decorating

Small bathroom decorating ideas come to the rescue of homeowners trying to visually increase available small spaces. Avoid trying to fit in every single item that you think a bathroom should have. For small bathroom decorating you really need to be creative and innovative, selecting only what you truly need.

Corner bathroom sinks creating space saving modern bathroom design

Small bathroom designs, 7 tips for remodeling

For the really tiny bathrooms there are space saving bathroom fixtures, fittings and furniture that are really small and compact. Smaller taps, sinks, bathtubs, showers and storage furniture items are great for small bathroom decorating in attractive and elegant style. Our brains and eyes process things in relative terms, comparing sizes and proportions, so having small-sized fittings, bathroom fixtures and storage furniture items will actually make your small bathroom appear bigger.

Bright small bathroom decorating in black-n-white

There are thousands of attractive and stylish bathroom decorating ideas for small spaces. Here is a collection of interesting concepts that designers developed for creating spectacular small bathroom designs, improving their functionality and adding interest to small spaces.

Space saving bathroom fixtures in contemporary style

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