Perfect Solid Wood Stools and Small Tables Created by Robots Recycling Wood Waste

wooden furniture, small tables and stools made by robot

Robot-made round stools and small tables, interior decorating in eco style


Beautiful solid wood stools and small tables are created by designers Sasha Ritter and Armand Graham and manufactured by robots. Lushome shares this amazing collection Totoro that includes round stools and side tables made of solid wood pieces.

Recycling wood waste for modern tables and low stools is a great idea that turn logs into beautiful modern furniture pieces for interior decorating in eco style. Ideal for Green living and eco homes, these stools and small tables look fabulous while bringing natural material and organic design into modern interiors.

The designers envisioned these gorgeous wood furniture and offered a smart way to recycle the smallest pieces of attractive maple wood waste pieces. The unique furniture items gave a new life to wood pieces usually sold as firewood for fireplaces.

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Robot-made round stools and small tables, interior decorating in eco style

The creativity, resourcefulness and talents of the designers helped to create amazing, eco friendly and very decorative modern furniture that add natural beauty, warmth and elegance of solid wood to interior decorating.

Robots helped to manufacture these solid wood stools and small tables, efficiently using the material and creating perfect shapes.

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The designers developed a computer program for a robot to make these round shaped, attractive and unique furniture items.

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Solid wood furniture, small tables and stools in round shapes made by robots

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