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Moroccan decorating ideas, beautiful Moroccan rugs, luxurious home decorating fabrics, Moroccan poufs made of leather or fabric, Berber desert lanterns, unique Moroccan decorations for walls and house plants, add texture, bright colors and softness to traditional or modern Moroccan decor. Luxurious Moroccan rugs and decorative cushions, made of cotton, wool or silk, create the Middle Eastern atmosphere and make Moroccan decorating ideas comfortable, interesting and cozy.

Made of natural materials, cotton, wool and silk Moroccan rugs and Berber kilims have universal appeal. Traditional Moroccan rugs with intricate patterns and meaningful ornaments are perfect modern home accessories for creating peaceful Moroccan decor in the room for meditation or rest. The repeating patterns on Moroccan rugs look infinite and help concentrate or relax. Looking at Moroccan rugs, following ornament patterns and noticing the change of colors organize thoughts, Moroccan rugs designers explain.

Made of natural materials, cotton, wool and silk Moroccan rugs are beautiful artworks, attractive Moroccan home decorations, practical and modern home accessories, that create bright, soft and welcoming floor decor in Moroccan style. Whether for modern interior decorating or home staging to sell a house, colorful Moroccan rugs, decorative cushions, made of natural home decorating fabrics and Moroccan pouf make room floor warm and comfortable, blending textures, colors and ethnic patterns into charming Moroccan home decor that emphasizes the home beauty.

Moroccan style, home accessories and materials

Moroccan home decorating, colorful and sensual interiors

Moroccan decorating ideas

Dark wood of Moroccan furniture and decor accessories, made of local wood, cooling Moroccan tiles on the floor or walls and traditional Moroccan rugs are distinguish elements of Moroccan interior design style. Other important elements of ethnic interior design in Moroccan style are large floor cushions, made of bright and soft natural decorating fabrics, Moroccan poufs made of leather or fabric and house plants in attractive terracotta pots.

Cotton, silk and wool rugs bring soft texture and attractive contrasts with famous forged metal Moroccan lanterns and unique Moroccan poufs made of leather or soft fabric, adding warmth and comfort to Moroccan interior design style.

Home decorating with Moroccan rugs

In traditional Moroccan interiors the floor is almost completely covered with colorful Moroccan rugs, made of cotton, wool, silk or blends. Moroccan rugs and kilims organize interior decorating ideas, defining different areas, emphasize unique Moroccan decorations, create attractive contrasts with made of decorating fabrics or leather Moroccan poufs, and harmonize Moroccan furniture and floor decor accessories arrangements.

Traditional and modern Moroccan rugs can be easily combined with each other, with Moroccan poufs, decorative cushions, curtains and Moroccan decorations made of luxurious natural decorating fabrics Moroccan because of the diversity of patterns and variety of color tones.

Often Moroccan rugs with beautiful and exquisite designs cover Moroccan furniture, tables and sofas, leading the eye down to the floor, decorated with large cushions, Moroccan poufs and desert lanterns, offering a unique experience of the desert tent and creating exotic Moroccan decorating that is hard to forget.

Moroccan home decorating ideas, unique Moroccan lamps

Moroccan decor accessories and wall decoration in Moroccan style

Moroccan home decorating with house plants and flowers

Moroccan home decorating ideas include small and large house plants and flowers. House plants leaves and stems are beautiful interior decorating ideas that look especially attractive in hot and dry climate. Green house plants in terracotta pots and colorful baskets contrast with colorful Moroccan poufs and decorative cushions, Moroccan rugs, tiles and metal decorations, light curtains and dark wood Moroccan furniture and accessories, create the oasis like relaxing and peaceful interior design in Moroccan style.

Add house plants to home decor to improve air quality

Top eco friendly house plants for home decor that clean the air

Flowers and Middle Eastern fragrances, the aroma of African cuisine and mint tea with spices, like cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron and Moroccan argan oil, are the final touch for exotic Moroccan decorating that stimulates all human senses.

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