Modern Wall Design Ideas Reinventing Traditional Interior Decorating Materials

modern wall tiles for interior decorating

Beautiful tile design for fireplace decorating


Modern wall design ideas are inspiring and allow to create stunning accent walls. Glass, metal, wood and ceramic tiles designs are fabulous interior decorating materials, versatile, stylish and suitable for most interior design and decorating applications. Lushome presents wall design ideas developed by Design Studio 180,  the company based in Pawtucket, RI, USA.

Modern wall design ideas and beautiful, original and contemporary interior decorating products are designed by its production staff, people who share interest is the development of very unique surfaces which give character, fresh and stylish vibe to interior design and decorating. These beautiful glass, metal, wood and ceramic wall tiles created by the designers and artisans reflect the latest trends in decorating and blend traditions with new technologies.

Modern wall tiles add a personal touch to offices and home interiors, allow flexibility and freedom in decorating and offer fantastic opportunities to create eye catching, bold and spectacular wall design. Modern wall tiles can transform empty walls, enhance, compliment and accentuate architectural designs, bringing color, patterns and texture into offices and home interiors.

Modern wall tiles in red colors for stunning bathroom design

Top modern tile design trends

Unique accent wall design idea

Modern wall design ideas

These wall tile designs are locally made and eco-friendly. Modern wall tiles by Design Studio 180 bring beauty into modern interior design and decorating while supporting the local economy and employing local artisans who share their ideas for practical, attractive and modern wall design with amazing texture, luscious colors and exciting details.

Beautiful tile design for fireplace decorating

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are crafted in rich, vivid and highly saturated hues of ceramic glaze colors. Ceramic tiles are a nice way to enrich and compliment room colors, adding stylish metallic finishes like gold and silver to elegant and classy interior design. There are hand-painted ceramic tiles in the studio created by skilled hand painters giving the tiles a uniqueness and beauty.

Latest trends in wall tile designs for kitchen and bathroom

Reclaimed wood wall tiles

Glass tiles

Glass tiles are hand-cut and hand-painted. Their brilliance and vividness give modern wall design a spectacular look. Whimsical and fun designs allow to add interest to modern interior decorating and create innovative and unusual, impressive and colorful modern wall design.

Modern wall design idea with white and orange wall tiles in various shapes and patterns

Metal tiles

Metal tiles are luxurious and contemporary. These lead free pewter tile designs are safe and beautiful. Available in Antique as well as satin finishes and a number of textures, the metal tiles are very decorative and unique. Swarovski crystals in resin beds of color give very interesting and charming details to tile designs, allowing to match any color palette, compliment and enhance wall design ideas and envision stunning accent walls.

Hand painted wall tiles, ideas for modern bathroom decorating

Modern eco wall tiles for interior decorating

Wood tiles

Wood tiles are a great way to add warmth and coziness to modern interior decorating. Hand-painted, playful and unusual wood tile designs give a freedom to use the traditional interior decorating material with other textures. Eco friendly wood tiles offer beautiful accents to room colors, and allow to create gorgeous color combinations with natural subdued color hues and bright colors.

Colorful wood tile designs, patchwork wall design idea
Metal tiles, glass tile designs and colored wood tiles for modern interior decorating
Modern wall tiles in rich colors, modern wall design ideas

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