Latest Trends in Wall Tile Designs, Modern Wall Tiles for Kitchen and Bathroom Decorating

modern wall tiles and bathroom decorating ideas

Modern wall tiles in light colors and beautiful wall mirror design


Modern wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom look like art, adding exciting decoration patterns, elegance and beauty to modern home interiors, highlighting unique textures, natural colors and organic forms, and celebrating creative tile designs, inspired by nature, old traditions and contemporary art.

Wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom decorating are available in various looks, colors, sizes and shapes. Natural stone, brick or wood like wall tile designs are modern trends that create the look and feel of comfortable, solid and safe traditional homes. Wall tile designs that imitate natural stone, brick and wood add beautiful textures, pleasant colors and old European charm to modern kitchen and bathroom interiors.

Modern tiles that mimic leather, fabric or lace look luxurious and unique, offering  impressive trends in tile designs for creating gorgeous wall decoration. Modern wall tiles that look like leather, fabric, lace or carpet give a soft touch to modern kitchen and bathroom decor, adding mysterious and sensational ethnic flavor to modern home interiors.

Modern wall tiles in light colors and beautiful wall mirror design

Latest trends in wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom decorating

Top 10 tile design trends

1. Natural stone and brick wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom decorating

2. Kitchen and bathroom tiles that look like wood

3. Tile designs that imitate animal skin

4. Metal tiles

5. Modern wall tiles that look like fabric

6. Transparent wall tile designs with organic objects, small pebbles or beads inside are charming and novel wall decoration ideas from Archeo Ceramika, Italy and Excolo, Russia.

Grass and small branches, moss and flowers, leaves and coffee beans, starfish and sea shells inside glass wall tiles create amazing, nature inspired tile designs for modern kitchen or bathroom decorating  in eco style. Candies and coffee beans, corn and dry beans, sugar pieces and sunflower seeds inside recycled glass tiles are excellent for dining room and kitchen decor.

7. Glamorous wall tiles with Swarovski crystals bring luxurious bathroom decorating ideas into modern homes, creating stylish, mysterious and elegant bathroom interiors.

8. Mosaic tiles, wall tile designs in patchwork fabric style and small decorative wall panels, made of metal, ceramic and glass mosaic tiles, are modern trends in wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom decorating. Mosaic tiles are perfect for flat and irregular surfaces. Hexagonal and circular, oval and triangular, zig-zag and wavy mosaic tile designs are especially stylish.

Black and white or colorful wall tile designs, including metal, ceramic, wood like and glass tiles for kitchen and bathroom walls, create all kinds of stripes and geometric patterns, offering bright, interesting and dynamic interior decorating  and design trends for 2012.

Glass wall tiles can be combined with other wall tile designs in matching colors and efficient lighting for outstanding wall decoration with mosaic tiles and dramatic transformations of bathroom and kitchen interiors.

9. Modern wall tiles for kitchen  and bathroom interiors in monochromatic colors. Black and white wall tile designs, monochromatic interior decorating palette and wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom in almost neutral beige, light and dark brown colors are elegant and sophisticated modern trends in 2012 kitchen and bathroom decorating and renovating.

Wall tile designs in the shades of  one color, combined with beautiful texture, that bring energy into kitchen or bathroom decor, create stylish wall decoration for relaxing and peaceful home interiors. Amazing 3d wall tiles in various sizes add depth to modern kitchen and bathroom interiors, emphasizing the elegance of monochromatic interior decorating palette.

10. Hand painted wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom decorating. Floral and geometric patterns, classic tile designs and contemporary abstract walls are kitchen trends for 2012. Green leaf and floral motifs are the most popular wall tiles for kitchen decorating in eco style.

Green leaf and floral wall tile designs can be combined with monochromatic bathroom and kitchen tiles in matching colors or wall tiles with fabrics texture. Glossy wall tiles and embossed tile designs on matte surfaces look very impressive and artistic also.

Bright kitchen and bathroom colors, strong contrasts, unusual wall tile designs and 3d textures look gorgeous with relaxing and neutral kitchen and bathroom accessories, utensils and appliances, complimenting comfortable, creative and modern home decor.

  by Ena Russ   

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