Modern Interiors and Art Nouveau Accents Showing Charming Elegance of the Old House

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Rustic wood, industrial lamps, modern dining room decorating ideas

The carved roof, glossy house exterior, and impeccable geometry of this charming house elegantly conceal its impressive age. 250 years old house has modern interiors restored beautifully. The white home interiors look like new, except for a few decorative elements in the Art Nouveau style, adding charming details to windows and roof designs. Located in Waterland, a Dutch suburb near Amsterdam, this modern house looks bright and modern, and the original blend of architectural designs gives the dwelling a unique character.

Its eclectic home interiors are elegantly simplified, inviting, and cozy. White painting and light furniture create a neutral and relaxed atmosphere. The modern interior design celebrates neutral colors and soft natural shades. Comfortable furniture, antique decor, and rustic wood beautifully blend vintage-style accents with modern designs.

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Modern house design with a vintage vibe

Front yard, metal fence, old house exterior with Art Nouveau style decorations

Accents in industrial style, lake metal lamps, simple cabinets, shelves, dining chairs look interesting with rustic wood. Classic living room furniture pieces and mirrors add comfort, softness, and elegance to modern interiors.- the interior turned out to be cozy and soft.

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The modern interiors show a mix of gorgeous hues. Terracotta shades enliven neutral color tones, gray and beige. The neutral color scheme continues the aesthetics of nature and connects the modern home interiors with greenery outside. Large windows invite plenty of natural light and create bright and relaxing living spaces.

Vintage furniture in the white living room

White decorating ideas include white paint, furniture, and decor accessories. White ceiling designs add spaciousness to the home interiors on the first floor, switching the attention from the low height ceilings with massive ceiling beams to home furnishings.

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The attic is beautifully transformed into bedrooms, where windows with gorgeous Art Nouveau curves make the rooms look luxurious. The elegant bedroom designs need no additional decorations. The modern interior design feels complete and balanced, blending antique details with contemporary simplicity.

Rustic wood, industrial lamps, modern dining room decorating ideas

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