Low Budget Home Renovation and DIY Room Redesign

home staging tips and light room colors
Light room colors, natural textures and simple decorating ideas for elegant home staging



Low budget home renovation and room redesign project are smart ways to refresh your property and add modern look to home staging for sale. Bright and fresh home interiors feel appealing and stylish, and help sell any home faster and for better money.

Lushome shares a few home staging tips and decorating ideas for quick and effective home renovation and room redesign on a small budget. Wise selection of materials, colors and smart changes help create beautiful home interiors that you can proudly offer to potential home buyers or enjoy yourself.

Any small or old house and apartment can be transformed into a very comfortable, pleasant, inviting and modern home. Plain rooms can be brighten up and style with trendy textures, colors and accents. Small budget redesign can turn rooms into fabulous living spaces while saving money on home renovation and decorating projects.

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Low budget redesign and home renovation ideas

Old home renovation and redesign
Light room colors, natural textures and simple decorating ideas for elegant home staging, photography by JZhuk

Repairing walls, ceilings and floors, fixing bathroom fixtures and painting can dramatically transform an old house. Choosing less expensive, but durable, popular and attractive finishing materials, right room colors that brighten up home interiors, adding comfortable room furniture and stylish decor accessories are all you need to turn any living spaces into welcoming and modern homes.

Light gray color tones, white and soft yellow color shades create airy and pleasant environment in a room with walls in warm, light and neutral colors. Light room colors are ideal for home staging and old home renovation.

Choosing room colors and interior redesign ideas

Here are some home staging tips for home renovation and room redesign on a small budget.

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1. Create harmonious and light combinations of room colors.

2. Use various textures and materials which are different in value, creating rich accents while saving money on decorating.

Creating modern interior design and color schemes

3. Fix everything, from a broken bathroom fixture to cracks on a wall, to make dull and unappealing living spaces look more attractive.

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4. Get rid of dark corners, bringing more natural or artificial light into rooms.

5. Choose a design style and redesign a room accordingly. Not every design style and decorating materials are suitable for small budget home renovation and room redesign projects. The classic style and its modern interpretations require expensive finishing materials. The country home decor styles, like Provence or Scandinavian style, contemporary interior design design or loft living ideas can save money on room redesign while creating beautiful, bright and modern home interiors.

Planning home renovation and interior design, photography by Doroshin

6. Use creativity and smart solutions to give the old things new life. An old wooden ladder rack can bring a modern accent into a room. Wooden pallets and furniture can be used for clever room redesign that enhance unique architectural designs and add style to transformed home interiors.

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7. Old room furniture are one of modern ideas and popular trends in home decorating. Antique and retro furniture pieces look charming in freshly painted, bright rooms. Replacing the upholstery and small repairs can turn old room furniture pieces into stunning focal points for modern interior design.

Painting walls and ceiling light neutral colors

8. Natural materials, used instead of cheap man-made materials, dramatically transform home interiors and bring Green living chic into interior design. Wooden elements that feature natural cracks and knots look fabulous, very interesting and stylish in modern homes.

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9. Adding interesting textures is an easy way to create unique home interiors and brighten up room redesign. Modern combinations of design materials and decorating ideas include brick, concrete, wood and glass combinations, sheer and heavy home fabrics, textured tile designs and smooth ceramic surfaces that create amazing contrasts.

Modern interior design materials and textures, image by severija

10. Home fabrics are a great way to add bright accents to light neutral room colors and create freshness in a home. Replacing old window curtains, adding bright decorative pillows and sheer fabric curtains or window blinds immediately transform any room. New bathroom towels, table cloth and napkins, floor rugs and throws are great decor accessories for home redesign that create a completely different mood in the rooms.

Diy home renovation, interior redesign and room decorating

11. Small details, bright accents and money saving solutions are especially important in low budget home renovation and room redesign. Cheap decor accessories and old items can be painted modern colors and work as beautiful and stylish accents. Painted old picture frames and room furniture, old toys and table lamps with new lamp shades bring unique designs, joy and freshness into old homes.

Natural wood textures and colors, image by valphoto

Wisely chosen room colors and textures, skillfully arranged stylish accents and comfortable furniture arrangement give home interiors unique personality and universal appeal. Modern lighting fixtures, room furniture and decor accessories are wonderful, functional and beautiful items for home staging and creative decorating. It can be a chandelier in the living room, a dresser, a mirror frame, a chair in the sitting room or wall art. Even door handles and wall clocks are able to change the look of home interiors while saving money on decorating and maximizing home renovation and redesign on a small budget.

Modern bedroom design with sitting area and large windows
Modern living room design with contemporary fireplace
Simple and colorful decor accessories

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