22 Kitchen Redesign Ideas and Latest Trends in Modern Kitchen Design

modern kitchen design trends and redesign ideas



Kitchen redesign, remodeling and renovating projects are expensive, and selecting the right style, kitchen colors and modern kitchen decor ideas are important elements of creating the perfect kitchen design for your home that you will enjoy for many years.

Changing a few things in your kitchen design, the fresh color, new finish or stylish decorative accents, give your kitchen design a modern look and feel on a small budget. Fresh kitchen cabinets and wall paint colors can redesign and redecorate your kitchen interior for much less money than a new kitchen design.

Here are great tips for redesign and staging your kitchen to consider when you want to sell your home in the near future or just do not have enough money for a new kitchen. Small changes require little money, but effort and patience, and make your home, especially bathroom and kitchen designs more attractive to potential buyers.

Modern kitchen redesign ideas

White kitchen cabinets, elegant and modern kitchen design trends

Redesign your kitchen cabinets with a new finish, paint color combination or hardware. Painting your old kitchen cabinets gives your kitchen interior a new life and stylish look. Painting kitchen cabinets saves a lot of money on new kitchen design and decor.

Light paint colors, like creamy yellow, ivory or white paint colors help to give a fresh contemporary look to kitchen design. Light and neutral colors are great kitchen paint choices. They can easily match your existing flooring and countertops, creating brighter kitchen design. Dark wood finishes and black kitchen colors are also modern kitchen design and decor alternatives, creating stylish and dramatic modern kitchen design in larger spaces.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets finishes, wooden floor and dark brown colors for decorating

Modern kitchen flooring ideas

Latest trends in kitchen flooring include wooden floors that add natural color shades add organic feel to modern kitchen design. Your kitchen redesign and home staging project will create an amazing effect if you match wooden floor material with existing wooden kitchen cabinets or wooden trims in your kitchen interior.

Top 8 contemporary kitchen design trends, modern kitchen interiors

Modern kitchen design trends, kitchen interior redesign ideas

If you want to add contrasting kitchen colors, then select matching contrasting colors for your kitchen cabinets and floor, or your kitchen countertops and wall decorating, adding energy and modern kitchen design flair to your home.

Light interior colors for modern kitchen design with black kitchen island countertop

Modern kitchen countertops

The latest trends in modern kitchen countertops bring contemporary and natural materials and neutral colors. Stone kitchen countertops are popular kitchen design trends. They come in various colors and patterns, creating unique kitchen caountertops. No two are exactly the same and combined with stylish black, white gray and light brown colors, these countertops make a statement adding style to modern kitchen design.

Contemporary kitchen design trends unite new materials, natural colors and high tech appliances

Stylish kitchen countertop materials, modern kitchen design trends

The stylish kitchen countertops, flooring ideas, modern kitchen lighting, kitchen cabinets finishes and wall paint colors create the glamorous effect, turning an old kitchen interior into fresh and contemporary one. Polished stone countertops, wooden flooring ideas or tiled floor, elegant wall paint colors, fresh kitchen cabinets finish, stylish kitchen lighting fixtures and light wall paint colors make the kitchen design brighter and illuminated.

Wooden kitchen cabinets in dark brown color and light stone countertops

The best way to add weight to the elegant kitchen design style is to paint the walls with ivory, white or mute color shades, add glass lamp shades and refinish old kitchen cabinets so that the light bounces off the surfaces and refract on the shine of the polished kitchen countertops, making the interior look bright, pleasant and bold.

Top 16 modern kitchen design trends, kitchen furniture and decor

Modern kitchen design ideas and small kitchen color trends

Other fitments that have a potential effect on the entire kitchen design are faucets, sinks and kitchen appliances, large and small. Shiny metallic faucets, white porcelain sinks, chestnut brown cabinets and white or stainless steel kitchen appliances complete the entire picture, creating stylish, fresh, expensive and luxuriant modern kitchen design.

White pain colors and large chandelier for modern kitchen design
Wooden floor, kitchen cabinets and stone countertops

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