Modern Interior Design Trends in Wall Coverings Challenging Traditional Wall Design Ideas

modern interior design trends in wall coverings

Bright wall decorating ideas and colorful interior design


Wall coverings refer to anything you use to design and decorate your walls from wallpaper and paint to more creative materials like plaster or decorative fabrics. Your wall coverings choice depends on the room function, your interior design vision, practical questions like maintenance, ease of installation, and even your ability to change your wall covering or its color.

If you plan to redesign your home interiors, modern interior design trends in wall coverings will help to choose stylish wall  design ideas for your home and create beautiful and interesting rooms. Modern interior design trends give great inspirations to apply creative wall coverings and transform empty walls into gorgeous decorative accents for modern interior design.

Experimenting and enjoying innovative ideas, contemporary technologies and new materials create amazing wall coverings that define modern interior design trends. Unconventional wall design ideas challenge traditional interior design and decor, adding unusual wall coverings and material combinations to home interiors and offices, while still creating an atmosphere of comfort.

Modern interior design trends in wall coverings

Bright wall decorating ideas and colorful interior design

Top modern interior design trends in wall coverings include nature inspired wall coverings created with digital photo prints, unique wallpaper patterns that mimic wood, brick or concrete, carved wood wall paneling, floral wallpaper patterns, geometric or stripped wallpaper designs, natural materials and luxurious wall panels with 3d designs, textured wall tiles and chic wall covering fabrics.

Modern interior design trends in wallpaper patterns

Photo print wallpapers surprise with gorgeous landscapes, seascapes and panoramic views of large cities, creating dramatic effects and bringing unexpected images or textures into modern interior design. Wood, brick or concrete wallpaper patterns help achieve the effect of simplicity and bring a contemporary feel of spaciousness into modern interior design. Modern wallpaper patterns and wooden wall paneling designs are other wonderful ways to create an accent wall which adds depth, color and unique texture to modern interior design.

Brick wallpaper patterns create fabulous accent wall design

Wallpaper patterns in 80s style, nature inspired designs, floral patterns and beautiful landscapes are modern interior design trends that bring the nature inside and reinvent traditional wall coverings. Using advanced technologies, modern wallpaper patterns based on photo print images are truly realistic, adding a natural feel to modern wall design and blending home interiors with spectacular outdoors.

Modern interior design with lincrusta offering versatility of wall coverings and painting ideas

Latest trends in wall tile designs, modern wall tiles for kitchen and bathroom

Natural materials

Wood, brick, concrete, or stone wall design is unique and beautiful, blending traditional materials with stylish contemporary wall covering ideas. Wood, brick, concrete or stone wall covering materials are modern interior design trends that mimic antique, industrial or rustic walls and inspired to create a stunning accent wall design.

Modern wallpaper patterns inspired by wood texture and colors

Modern interior design trends in wall paneling and tiles

Modern wall tiles that look like wood or brick, decorative wall paneling and decorative bricks add a unique look to modern interior design in vintage style, blending simplicity and traditional look into contemporary home decor.

Modern interior design trends, interior decorating materials

Glass block wall design ideas adding unique accents to eco homes

Modern interior design trends in textured wall coverings

3d wallpaper patterns, carved wood wall paneling and lincrusta bring beautiful materials, various textures and geometric, stripped or floral decoration patterns into modern interior design creating fabulous accents walls that make a statement. 3d wall tiles and textured wall coverings, carved wood wall paneling and luxurious wall covering fabrics, lincrusta wallpaper and painting ideas allow to create top notch rooms unleashing your imagination and offering numerous ways to personalize modern interior design ideas and give them a contemporary look.

Nature inspired photo art prints and wallpaper designs
Concrete wall design with modern wallpaper patterns
Textured wall design

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