Glass Block Wall Design Ideas Adding Unique Accents to Eco Homes

colored glass block wall design


Glass blocks are a popular building material and one of the most spectacular interior design trends 2013. Made of recycled glass and adorned with creative designs, glass blocks are eco friendly products for modern homes that are very decorative also. Glass blocks come in various sizes, shapes, colors, patterns and designs, and it is easy to match your interior design colors and style, adding a beautiful accent wall to your home and inviting more light into your rooms.

Glass blocks allow to achieve various levels of privacy, showing different degrees of transparency and increasing the thermal efficiency of wall designs. Attractive and cost-effective green building material is a perfect idea for eco homes, offices and public places. Glass blocks feature a gorgeous look with the semi-transparency and strength, creating interesting and very stable structures.

Glass blocks feature many wonderful qualities. Glass blocks that are used in modern interior design bring more light into rooms, and make cleaning walls simple and quick. Modern glass blocks make wall designs more sound-proof and warm. Glass block walls do not require any additional finishing while creating fantastic accent walls for impressive, light and modern interior design.

Glass block wall design trends

Clear glass blocks, bathroom and kitchen tiles with organic objects, recycled glass block tile designs

Top 10 tile design trends, modern kitchen and bathroom tile designs

Modern glass block tiles

How to choose glass blocks for your home interior design

Glass block walls make excellent room dividers and wall partitions. They can be built from the floor to the ceiling or as a small structures which help define functional zones and add organization to interior design. The floor to ceiling glass block wall designs are ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, hallways and entryway designs or any rooms lacking natural light.

Painted traditional wall designs can be combined with glass blocks for adding a contemporary look to interior design. Beautiful recycled glass blocks with nature inspired or food inspired designs are great choices for interior design of eco homes.

Colored glass block wall design, modern interior design trends

Glass blocks bathroom or kitchen backsplash designs look interesting and unusual, allowing to create truly personal and modern interior design. Glass block wall designs look harmonious and very attractive with stained glass windows also. Glass blocks showers and simple wall designs adorned with clear glass or colored glass blocks turn make fabulous focal points of modern interior design and decor.

Mosaic tiles and modern wall design in patchwork fabric style

Eco wall tile designs in modern style

Glass block wall designs can feature a combination of patterns, vertical and horizontal stripes or various patterns, combining clear recycled glass blocks with colored glass blocks and pieces decorated with plants, flowers, rocks or food, like rice or coffee beans, creating amazing interior design.

Blue colored glass block shower wall design
Glass blocks for bathroom, blue colored glass block shower wall design

Glass block showers and wall panels, shelves and bathtub decoration with clear or colored glass blocks are fabulous and fresh ideas that reflect modern interior design trends for 2013.

  by Ena Russ   

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