Modern Interior Design Ideas, Decorating Accents in Purple Color Shades

living room furniture in gray and purple colors

Bright artworks and living room furniture in dark gray and purple colors


These modern interior design and home decorating ideas that blend simple lines with purple color accents create a designer home. Susan Drover, the designer from Newfoundland, Canada created this luxuriously spacious, bright, impressive, comfortable and colorful home for herself.

Modern interior design with light neutral colors and black and white decorating ideas add a breezy and relaxing feel to rooms. Rich purple color accents bring a bohemian flair into home interiors, decorated in Scandinavian home style which attractively blends traditional and contemporary ideas demonstrating the passion for bright color accents.

This gorgeous home is located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Impressive and inviting, modern interior design ideas developed by Susan Drover from SAM Design, turned rooms into beautiful home interiors, spiced up by  mysterious and romantic decorative accents in deep purple colors.

Modern interior design ideas

Living room design with fireplace, gray and purple upholstered furniture

Modern home interiors look simple, functional and elegant. Lots of pillows and colorful wall artworks create warm and cozy living spaces with stylish and cozy room decor. These home interiors are filled with daylight, inspiring and bold. Modern home decorating with purple color shades encourages to relax and enjoy the little things in life.

The impeccable gray and white decorating ideas feel elegant and sophisticated. Bold color accents that interrupt black and white decorating color scheme bring live into modern interiors and jazz up room decor with splashes of mysterious and majestic deep purple color shades.

Black and white decorating with purple color accents

The kitchen design, the dining area and the living room are connected and united into a unique, open and bright living space. The fireplace and the raw wood deposit symbolize warmth and coziness of this beautiful modern home.

22 modern interior design ideas with purple color, cool interior colors

Interior decorating, paint colors and furnishings in vintage wine hue

Interior decorating with purple color shades

Deep purple color is excellent for dressing up rooms. Deep purple color accents, like living room furniture, kitchen pendant lights, decorative glass vases and artworks on the walls, look not only interesting and elegant, but bring a contemporary flare into room rooms.

Cozy fireplace decorating with upholstered chair in purple color

Purple color accents are dense, creating a sober atmosphere and exclusive interior design. Black or grey furniture and decor accessories look bright instead of depressing, combined with white decorating ideas and accents in purple colors. Purple color triggers the impression of a larger space, enhancing white decorating ideas and enriching room decor with colorful details.

Decorating with purple color, room color schemes

Wall decorating, pink and purple poppy flowers

The designer skillfully used few purple color shades for creating bright and intimate, fresh and modern interior design that demonstrate originality and a sense of color. Bright orange, red, turquoise and blue colors give exciting touches to fabulous home decorating with purple color accents. Plum and eggplant purple color shades work well with gray and white decorating ideas, adding a romantic atmosphere and sensuality to comfortable and cozy home interiors.

Bright artworks and living room furniture in dark gray and purple colors

  by Ena Russ   

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