Modern Interior Design in Bohemian Parisian Style Surprising with Unique Details and Bright Colors

penthouse interior design and decor in rich bright colors


Modern interior design and decor that reflect a unique vibe of places, small villages and large cities, give character to home interiors and create impressive and very original rooms. Bohemian vibe of Parisian style inspires one-of-a-kind interior design solutions in Avant Garde style, blending fabulous unusual decor items with bold rooms colors and creating intimate and stunning modern rooms.

Modern interior design ideas in Parisian style mix Bohemian decor and rich color shades with eye-catching accents, creating elegant rooms inspired by fantastic vibe and chic of this beautiful, romantic and sophisticated city. This penthouse interior design ideas in Avant Garde style are functional, comfortable, bright and innovative, and might inspire original and personal solutions for modern home interiors.

The penthouse interior design looks stylish, personal and interesting, reflecting the latest trends in home decorating and injecting stylish room colors and details in Avant Garde style into luxurious home decor. These unusual and novel interior design ideas can be creatively reinterpreted for your bold and beautiful home decorating.

Parisian penthouse design in Avant Garde style

Living room design with rich blue wall and red and yellow furniture

This Parisian penthouse is designed for two fans of art and decor in Avant Garde style, Didier and Clemence Krzentowski. Unusual and striking artworks, room furniture and decor accessories, created by famous designers and artists, are spiced up with bold and stylishly rich room colors. Bright, creative and sophisticated interior design and decor ideas looks spectacular and feel comfortable for the owners of this gorgeous penthouse in Paris.

Various textures of materials create surprising and interesting interior design. Functional rooms feature many cozy places with comfortable room furniture to relax, socialize with guests, enjoy meals and just experience fun life. Orchids in exotic flowerpots demonstrate elegance and chic of Bohemian decor in Parisian style. Classic black colors, mixed with neon bright room colors and LED lights look fantastic and surprising.

Inspiring view enhancing Bohemian decor ideas
Unique furniture and decor accessories in bright colors, combined with rich blue wall

Elegant Swedish loft living ideas impress with exposed beams and modern interior design

Parisian penthouse. bright apartment ideas and modern penthouses interior design

Home redesign inspirations, modern interior design and decor ideas from H2O Architects

Blue sky ceiling designs with fabulous clouds or bedroom decorating with blue globes add vintage style charm to modern interior design enhance by rich colors and decor in Avant Garde style. A boat-shaped bathtub adds an adventurous feel to surprising and stylish bathroom design, bringing artistic and novel home decor ideas which enrich functional, original and modern interior design.

Bohemian decor in Avant Garde style enhanced by bright room colors
Paintings, living room furniture and decor accessories and lighting ideas in Avant Garde style creating Bohemian decor in this Parisian penthouse

  by Ena Russ   


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