Modern Ideas to Refresh Old Interior Design and Decor, Home Staging Tips

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Here is the Lushome collection of modern ideas that help refresh and style your interior design. You do not need to change your room decorating completely, but you can add a few modern accents and rely on beautiful textiles and trendy room colors to update and enhance your interior design. Original accents, favorite interior colors, and artful details change the mood and evoke fantastic emotions, setting a homey atmosphere in modern dwellings. We live in a rapidly changing world, and new trends in decorating make even conservatives breathe modern ideas and contemporary art objects into their homes.

According to the research, people want to change their home decorating every eight-ten years. Even small changes create new emotions and energize modern interiors. Check out designers’ tips on updating your existing decor and refreshing interior design quickly, inexpensively, and painlessly. It is worth thinking about alternative designs and room colors to find the best for your lifestyle and taste interior design ideas.

Modern living rooms, redesign ideas

Home staging tips from experts; how to create bright and modern interior design and decor

Inexpensive home renovation and DIY room redesign

Home staging tips for updating rooms

Blue accent wall painting idea, modern bedroom design

1. Modern interior paint colors and home decorations

It is easy to give a fresh touch to home interiors by painting walls and ceilings and adding modern art and home decorations to the rooms.

Steps to beautiful room redesign

Home staging tips to maximize small spaces

How to refresh your room design and decor

2. Beautiful textiles and furniture placement

The quickest and safest ways to update a dated interior decorating are to change wall designs with modern wallpaper and trendy prints. Also, you can bring new curtains, reupholster furniture with a new fabric, repaint the closet, and rearrange the room furniture. Playing with color, texture, and textiles and changing furniture placement set a new mood in the living space.

Various decoration patterns, modern interior design ideas

3. Contemporary ceramics and natural stone

Room redesign can be uncomplicated. You can bring a few contemporary decor accessories, like ceramics or natural stone items, that refresh the space and personalize your interior design and decor.

Green bathroom cabinet with stone top

4. Accent wall designs

Choose a contrasting or trendy hue and paint one wall. This interior design idea is perfect for quickly refreshing the room, elegantly defining a functional zone, or brightening the entire space.

Wall art and pink interior paint

5. Cozy corner

Create a cozy space for your time. An armchair, a pouf, a floor lamp, a rug, a coffee table, and houseplants make a seating area comfortable and inviting. You can use existing furniture and decor or replace upholstery and add new accents, including interior plants.

Window seat with soft pillows

6. Modern wall decorations

With the help of art, paintings, posters, mirrors, and trendy wall panels, you can change the look of your room beyond recognition. Your collection of contemporary art is a beautiful way to accentuate and personalize your interior design.

Framed art, modern wall decorations

7. Lights and mirrors

Floor mirrors and oversized accessories, like lampshades, vases, and large candle holders, are a few things you can change in no time, creating new interior design and decor that is modern and attractive.

Houseplants and wall mirror

8. Small accents

It is vital to pay attention to small details and tiny accents that you see and use every day. Decor accessories in minimalist style, faucets, doorknobs, pottery, home organizers, and hooks make beautiful home decorations that add a modern vibe to existing interior design.

Bookends in contemporary style
Floral patterns, modern colors, pink window curtains

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