15 Steps to Beautiful Room Makeovers and Luxury Interior Redesign

beautiful homes, room decorating ideas
Unique and modern lighting fixtures with rope, wooden kitchen island


Room makeovers and interior redesign ideas for creating beautiful and comfortable homes can be simple, inexpensive and easy. There are many ways of bringing a little style into home interiors. Every house can look and feel luxurious and inviting after room makeovers and interior redesign.

Lushome shares 10 steps to gorgeous and welcoming rooms that are stylish, attractive, bright and eco friendly. This is a collection of modern ideas for beautiful room makeovers and interior redesign projects which can change living spaces and turn them into lovely retreats, functional home interiors and well organized home libraries, office designs and family rooms where everyone feels relaxed and happy.

Good organization, natural interior decorating materials, spacious and clutter free interior design, traditional architectural designs and unique details, light neutral colors and warm accents, ultimate comfort and stunning artworks help design unique and luxurious, inviting and modern home interiors.

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Room makeovers and interior redesign ideas

Unique luxurious living room design in contemporary style, yellow accent wall with TV panel and white sofa

1. Spectacular architectural details

Moldings, baseboards, ceiling ornaments and other decorative trim elements are a simple way to transform interiors and add classy, luxurious and elegant feel to interior redesign and interior decorating. The sizes and proportions are important to achieve excellent redesign and interior decorating effects.

Spectacular glass wall design and stone wall with contemporary fireplace
Beautiful ceiling designs and room decorating ideas

2. Spacious, functional and comfortable interior design

Spaciousness and comfort are associated with luxury today. Large rooms or small spaces that look airy and light feel luxurious.

Spacious modern interior design and decorating

3. Large windows

Interior redesign that open windows creating brighter and lighter rooms bring luxury into home interiors, and enhances home decorating with nice views, natural connection with the surroundings and a sense of freedom.

4. Focal points

Creating a focal point in every room, whether it is a fireplace or a bay window, give luxurious look to interior decorating and add uniqueness to room makeovers and interior redesign projects.

Living room design with classic fireplace

5. Unique and stylish

Unique room furniture pieces, lighting fixtures or stylish decor accessories that reflect the latest trends are a great way to add a touch of luxury to modern interior redesign, room makeovers and decorating projects.

Unique and stylish lamps, large windows
Unique and modern lighting fixtures, wooden kitchen island

6. Warm room colors

Warm room colors bring coziness into interior design and decorating, blending ultimate comfort into room makeovers and space redesign projects.  Light and warm room colors create a pleasant atmosphere and make people feel very comfortable and safe. Warm interior colors like red, orange and yellow are very intimate and bring a comfortable feeling of luxury and pleasure into modern interior design and home decorating.

Warm room colors, yellow and red colors for living room decorating

7. Comfortable seating areas

Comfortable is the key word for inviting and luxurious room makeovers. Comfortable sofas, armchairs and beds give a luxurious look and feel to any living spaces. Decorative pillows and throws, comfortable upholstery fabrics and beautiful curtains add to the expensive look of the living spaces designed with high-quality materials. Regardless of interior design styles, decorating fabrics and textiles in various textures, sizes and colors help bring luxurious comfort and chic into modern interior design and home decorating.

Comfortable seating area with fireplace

8. Flooring ideas and floor decor

Flooring ideas vary in materials, textures and colors. Beautiful floor materials, combined with pleasant and attractive carpets and rugs, add to the beauty and luxury of your redesign project. Neutral colors and comfortable dark to light brown colors of natural wood, soft pastels of ceramic tiles, silk and wool rugs are luxurious ideas for room makeovers.

Stylish flooring ideas and comfortable floor decor
Black and white bedroom design, comfortable floor decor

9. Antiques in modern interior decorating

Antiques used in modern interior decorating are associated with luxury. Antiques look interesting and expensive, blending vintage style with modern ideas and creating truly unique and exclusive interior design. Large mirrors in vintage style, chandeliers, vintage furniture or oil paintings in carved wood frames give a touch of luxury to modern interior redesign and enhance beautiful room makeovers with charm and chic.

Antiques in modern interior decorating

10. Art

Artworks, especially large paintings, tapestry, decorative wall panels, hanging wall decorations or ceiling designs and sculptures, create luxury in no time. Artworks add exclusiveness to interior decorating and give rooms chic feel.

Art in modern interior decorating

11. Metal accessories and lighting fixtures

Metal accessories are fabulous home decorations. Silver and golden colors transform rooms into luxurious spaces, giving them chic of strikingly beautiful polished surfaces and glowing colors. Metal handles and door knobs, decorative vases and racks, picture frames and wall mirror frames bring that elegance of polished metals that change the way rooms look and feel.

Metal accessories and lighting fixtures, modern kitchen design

12. Bright and comfortable lighting design

Bright and comfortable lighting design create beautiful and luxurious atmosphere. Lighting design can combine soft glow and bright general light, can allow to change room colors and create other pleasant optical effects, bringing chic into modern interior design and decorating.

Bright lighting design

13. Clutter free interior design

Luxurious modern interiors are spacious and well organized. Storage organization and comfortable furniture arrangement are important parts of room makeovers and interior redesign for creating clean, light and stylish living spaces.

Spacious interior design and decorating

14. Good storage organization

Storage and organization are important elements of room makeovers and interior redesign. Good home organization and attractive storage add values to interior design, while creating ultimate comfort and luxury.

Elegant storage for books and two beautiful chairs

15. Water features and glass doors

Fountains and waterfalls, ponds and aquariums enrich interior design and create very luxurious atmosphere. Large windows and sliding glass doors can connect home interiors with outdoor living spaces, creating luxury room design. A swimming pool or a backyard waterfall enhances rooms by adding a beautiful look of still water and night lights, or calming sounds of a waterfall.

Water features, ideas to connect interior design with backyards and gardens

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