Modern Ideas and Design Inspirations Celebrating Geometric Patterns and Simple Lines

modern ideas and trends in decorating

Geometric decoration patterns, simple lines, vibrant colors and original designs are modern trends in decorating which blend contemporary ideas and vintage style, retro-modern accents and classic details. Geometric decoration patterns and simple lines surround people offering great inspirations for house design and home decorating.

Fresh, modern ideas take inspirations from beautiful photographs, existing buildings, and classic interiors. Creative wall design and floor tiles, storage racks and door designs show off uniqueness and beauty enriched by geometric patterns and simplicity of lines.

Geometric decoration patterns are striking and powerful. They make a statement and create a fabulous interior design and enhance home furnishings. The elegant simplicity of lines attractively blends with 2d and 3d geometry creating harmonious, beautiful, and stunning interior design.

Hexagonal desk lamp shades continue geometric interior design trends

Modern interior trends, geometric decoration patterns

Modern ideas and design inspirations

Geometric decoration, modern floor tiles in contrasting colors

1. Geometric decoration ideas.

2. Details in vibrant colors and contrasting color combinations.

3. Decorating with unusual objects, like a bike or vintage suitcases, recycling and creating unique centerpieces.

4. Floral designs and soft pastel interior colors combined with bright accents.

Entryway design with bench and wall rack

5. Vintage style ideas.

6. Spiral designs and soft, curvy lines.

30 modern ideas to add geometric decoration patterns to interior design and decor

22 modern ideas for bedroom decorating with geometric patterns

7. Simple straight lines in minimalist style.

8. Animal skin prints and natural fur.

Dressing table with black table lamp and upholstered ottomans, animal skin fabric prints

9. Black and white decorating with soft accents in pastels.

10. Concrete wall design and creative eco-friendly decorating ideas, paintings, murals and decals, combined with live plants.

Concrete wall design and eco-friendly decorating ideas

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