Middle Eastern Interior Design Trends and Home Decorating Ideas

middle eatern interiors and room colors, ethnic interior design ideas
Decorative pillows in various shapes and sizes for Ethnic interior decorating



The Middle East, Central Asian countries and India are associated with fine architecture and colorful home decorating ideas, inspired by beautiful flowers and spices. Cinnamon, sandalwood, cloves and cardamom, fantastic buildings, the blend of a few religions, – Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism, when the spiritual side of life prevails over the material, colorful religious rituals and clothes influenced Middle Eastern, Indian and Central Asian home decorating.

Middle Eastern trends in home decorating mic rich room colors with luxurious home furnishings, spiced up with handmade items and traditional decoration patterns. Middle Eastern interior design is associated with wealth and luxurious comfort, reflecting the richness of culture, the depth of wisdom and mystery of ancient times.

Amazing architectural designs and decorative details, combined with spectacular home decor ideas create modern interior design trends inspired by Middle Eastern, Indian and Central Asian interior decorating with bright colors, natural fabrics and amazing ornaments and wood carving.

Ethnic ikat pattern in modern interior design

Top 10 modern interior design trends and stylish room colors

Middle Eastern interior design trends for home decorating

Decorative pillows in various shapes and sizes for Ethnic interior decorating

Middle Eastern interior design is about a mic of luxury, refinement, style and exquisite taste with asceticism, modesty and simplicity of lines and forms. Modern interior design trends, inspired by Middle Eastern and Central Asian decorating ideas, bring fabulous metal forging, intricate decoration patterns, sensual decorative fabrics, spectacular handmade carpets into homes.

Silver and golden colors are combined with velvet and chiffon, creating beautiful and modern home interiors. Natural textures in room furniture and decor accessories add luxury and pleasant feel to modern home decorating.

Ethnic interior design trends, Eastern decoration patterns and modern room colors

Decorative arches and vivid  details, wall niches, unique decor accessories, carved wood or forged wall mirrors, lamps and bed headboards create gorgeous interior design in Central Asian and Middle Eastern styles.

Moroccan decorating ideas, Moroccan rugs and floor decor accessories

Moroccan style home accessories and materials for Moroccan interior design

Room colors for interior design in Middle Eastern style

Oriental interior colors include saturated magenta, red, ocher, green and blue color shades. The color azure and all shades of turquoise colors, rich red and juicy orange color shades add brightness, warmth and peaceful feel to modern interior design in Middle Eastern style.

Modern interior design with decor accessories in Middle Eastern style

Tastefully decorated, Middle Eastern interiors are sensual and festive, but colorful palette feels cozy and comfortable, spiced up with unique atmosphere of Eastern hospitality.

Moroccan home decorating ideas, unique Moroccan lamps

Moroccan decor, home accessories and wall decoration in Moroccan style

Interior design materials and decorating ideas

The most common materials used in oriental interior design and decor are teak wood, ivory,wrought iron and ceramics, mother of pearl, silver, brass, copper and gold-plated metal. Enamel, forging, stamping, basketry, carving and inlay are traditional techniques for creating stunning home furnishings in Eastern style.

Gorgeous forged metal lamps, ethnic lanterns in Middle Eastern style

Room furniture

Room furniture is low. Wicker or handmade of very durable wood, furniture pieces look unique and very decorative. Beds and sofas are  decorated with lots of cushions in various shapes and styles. Low round stools, ottomans, poufs and simple seats with cushions are popular room furniture items that add flexibility to modern interior design.

Room color trends, home decorating materials and interior paint colors

Middle Eastern home fabrics and decor ideas

Bright room colors for ethnic interior decorating in Central Asian and Middle Eastern styles

Small details and unique decor accessories create comfortable, romantic and luxurious atmosphere in Middle Eastern homes. Wall paintings and religious sings or statues, decorative screens featuring exotic birds and beautiful flowers, natural stone and bronze figurines, painted clay figurines of animals and birds add charming touches to modern interior design in Central Asian and Middle Eastern styles. Flower petals and fruits in vases, copper jugs and candles in colored glass jars, semi-transparent curtains and colorful carpets add charm and chic to room decorating, inspired by mysterious and fascinating Middle Eastern interior design style.

Modern interior design trends inspired by Middle Eastern home decorating ideas, colorful handmade floor carpets
Beautiful fabrics and textiles, pillows for ethnic interior decorating in Middle Eastern style

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