Ethnic Ikat Pattern in Modern Interior Design

ethnic motifs ikat home textiles
Ikat floor rug, gray-blue color scheme


Ikat is a unique process of dying individual threads and weaving them into a beautiful fabric with an exotic ikat pattern. Room decorating with a unique geometric ornament and ikat patterns are modern interior design trends that offer a fresh look at traditional decorative fabrics from ancient Asia, India, Central, and South America.

Bright ikat patterns and ethnic designs in soft muted colors look great with traditional room decor, bringing more energy and interest into modern interior design and decorating.  Ikat bedding, curtain fabric, furniture upholstery, area rugs, tableware, and beautiful wallpapers with ikat patterns are inspiring and captivating, offering pleasant interior design color schemes for contemporary room decor.

Using one of the colors for walls and combining with ikat pattern on curtain fabric and furniture upholstery create a stunning room decor, blending traditional ethnic motifs with modern interior design ideas. Adding room decor accessories in matching colors, predominantly white and blue, make room decor look impressive, balanced, and relaxing.

Ikat pattern and modern home decor ideas

Modern interior design trends, ikat pattern on upholstery fabric, green bed headboard upholstery, green wall paint

Trendy red-pink, soft orange, stylish purple, sunny yellow, and relaxing green will brighten up neutral and lacking interest in room decor. Small and large cushions, curtain fabric, or kitchen bowls with exotic ikat patterns transform your home interiors into a cheerful and welcoming retreat with an ethnic flavor.

Modern interior design and decorating, white-blue wallpaper with ikat pattern

A colorful touch, as bench cushions, oriental rug, or bright bowls, are a great way to add beautiful ikat patterns to outdoor deck and patio decor or interior design.

Modern interior design ideas and decoration patterns, wall hanging fabric with elegant white-blue ikat pattern

Ikat pattern has conquered the world. Fashion designers inspired interior design trends that offer new varieties and color combinations of traditional ikat designs.

Modern interior design trends, white-blue upholstery fabric with ikat pattern, exotic decoration patterns

Ikat is a unique pattern made using an old dyeing thread and weaving in beautiful fabric patterns with irregular edges. The essence of creating an ikat pattern on so-called wild silk is dying the material before putting it in the loom.

Modern decoration patterns for bedroom decor, ikat bedding in white-orange colors

Suppose you like ethnic motifs and can appreciate perfect imperfections of handmade designs and home decor fabrics. In that case, ikat patterns offer attractive ways to decorate all home interiors and outdoor living spaces, following modern ethnic interior design and decorating trends.

Ikat on decorative fabrics, lampshade for modern room decorating

The most famous ikat patterns come from Uzbekistan and Central Asia. Also, similar patterns were known in many ancient cultures worldwide, in India and Indonesia, the Philippines and Bali, in South America, Mexico, Brazil, and Bolivia. Since ancient times people believed that unique and intricate geometric ornament designs had magic power. Because of the complexity of procedures, clothes, and home decor, fabrics with ikat patterns symbolized wealth and prestige.

Modern floor decoration patterns, white-blue ikat tile designs

Home decor fabrics and clothes with ikat patterns should not necessarily be associated with exotic fashion trends, interior design, and decorating. Contemporary designer fabric patterns inspired by traditional ikat, combined with classic or innovative furniture, create exciting interior design and decorating that feel modern, colorful, and fresh.

Modern wallpaper design in white-yellow colors with ikat pattern

Modern ikat is a geometric ornament that looks blurry, soft, and tender. Made of two colors,  bright primary color and neutral tone, ikat bedding, upholstery, or curtain fabric look classy and relaxing. Blue and white ikat bedding, rugs and textiles, upholstery, and curtain fabric with ikat patterns are the most elegant and exciting, regardless of the shades of blue colors.

Modern home decor ideas, decorative ikat fabrics, ethnic decoration patterns, lampshades

Colorful ikat bedding, rugs and textiles, upholstery, and curtain fabric with an ikat pattern in bright colors with a complex way are perfect for creating stunning, personal, and modern interior design and decorating.

Ethnic decoration patterns are modern design trends, white-blue ikat tableware.

Ikat bedding, upholstery, curtain fabric, pillows, and area rugs with ikat patterns are the most popular in modern interior design. Lampshades, tableware, wall hanging fabric decorations, and modern wallpapers with geometric ornament inspired by traditional ikat patterns are less common but impressive and modern.

Modern interior design and decoration, patterns inspired by exotic ikat patterns

Ikat home textiles

Unusual geometric ornament inspired by traditional ikat patterns and colors adds unique ethnic touches to room decor, creating modern interior design with an exotic flavor.

Ikat floor rug, gray-blue color scheme
Ikat bedding set, blue colors

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Black wallpaper for mysterious room decor

Modern wall wallpapers patterns

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