Interactive Framed Picture, Modern Wall Decoration from Scott Garner

flat screen and wooden frame for modern wall decorating

Flat screen and wooden frame for modern wall decorating, interactive still life painting


An interactive framed picture in a wooden frame is a creative and innovative contemporary design ideas for modern wall decoration. An interactive still life painting that can change its appearance in a second makes an interesting and unusual gift and offers surprising ways of modern wall decoration.

The interactive art work from Scott Garner looks like a framed still life painting of a white-blue vase and apples and pears on a metal tray and a ceramic plate.

If you slightly tilt the painting frame, images start to move down, changing the still life painting  and creating a new design with surprising object combinations.

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Flat screen and wooden frame for modern wall decorating, interactive still life painting

Unusual interactive painting is created with a flat screen, a wooden frame and a bracket that allows the frame to rotate on the wall, creating unexpected images for whimsical wall decoration.

Few spacial sensors, attached to the back, react to the rotation angle, moving objects on the screen in accordance with the slope and creating realistic images.

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Interactive wall panel that changes images

  by Ena Russ   


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