Decorating with Old Picture Frames, Money Saving Wall Decoration Ideas

empty picture frames in various sizes and styles in blue color on the white wall


Picture frames are popular wall decoration ideas that add a personal touch and unique style to room design. Empty old picture frames on the wall and the mix of frame sizes, colors and styles are modern interior design trends that bring inexpensive, beautiful and contemporary wall decorations into modern home interiors.

Vintage frames and antique picture frames look dramatic on the wall, adding remarkable craftsmanship that is worthy to display. Vintage and antique picture frames in all sizes and styles are great wall decoration ideas that connect generations and allow to experiment with modern interior design trends and room decorating ideas.

Creative ideas help to use a vintage or antique frame alone or with modern cheap picture frames in various sizes and colors in fresh and innovative way, making your room decorating look stylish and elegant, interesting and attractive. Find an antique frame, paint it white, black, deep golden or silver tones, look at an empty wall space in the room and decide how to decorate it with an antique picture frame. Simple and easy ideas for decorating with picture frames are always fun.

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Ideas for decorating with picture frames

Empty small picture frames or large poster frames make elegant modern wall decorations. Painted white, black, silver, golden, brown or trendy bright red, pink, yellow, orange, blur or green colors, wooden frames add optimism and dynamic color contrasts to interior design and decor, offering attractive, money saving empty wall decoration ideas.

Old picture frames, especially cheap picture frames can be not  perfect. Antique picture frames and old modern wooden frames add more interest with attractive imperfections to your wall decoration ideas, giving a unique character to your room design and interior decorating.

Old empty picture frames, broken picture frames or cheap frames without glass and backing can be used for creative wall decor ideas, turning wooden frames imperfections into charming details and modern interior decorating accents.

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Decorating a large wall can be a challenge and a pleasant adventure. Decorating with old picture frames help declutter your home, utilizing and recycling useless items for bringing more style and beauty into your room design and decor. Whether for modern interior decorating or home staging to sell your property, decorating with picture frames is a way to save money and add depth and texture to empty wall decor ideas.

  by Ena Russ   

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